Roseanne Clarice DU PONT (private).25469 Parents: Charles R. DU PONT-35773 and Shirley Anne TEMPLE-4991.

Spouse: Paul Norman DALEY-76510. Children were: Jesse Charles Arthur DALEY-76511, Paul Jesse DALEY-76512, Harry Charles DALEY-76513, Shirley Linda Katherine DALEY-76514, Julia Mary Jessica DALEY-76515.

Spouse: Rocky LeRoy HUNTER-76516.

Samantha DU PONT (private).25469 Parents: Charles R. DU PONT-35773 and Shirley Anne TEMPLE-4991.

Spouse: Marconi REESE-76521. Children were: Isabella Marie REESE-76522, Anastasia Marie REESE-76523, Alexandria Marie REESE-76524.

Sarah Anne DU PONT (private).25469 Parents: Charles R. DU PONT-35773 and Shirley Anne TEMPLE-4991.

Spouse: Alan Francis LANE-76501. Children were: Alen J. LANE-76502, Lizabeth Marie LANE-76503, Thomas LANE-76507, Robert LANE-76508, Angelica LANE-76509.

DUARTE (private).

Spouse: Haley D. TEMPLE-181164.

Phylis DUBAR (private).

Spouse: Kenneth Lee AVERY-58643. Children were: Twila AVERY-58652, Kathy AVERY-58654, Debbie AVERY-58653, Toni Dale AVERY-58655, Kenneth Lee AVERY Jr.-58656, Billy Joe AVERY-58657, Michael AVERY-58658, Cynthia AVERY-58659.

Betty Ann DUBBERLY (private). Parents: Herman Ernest DUBBERLY-9943 and Lillie Mae (Lillie) TEMPLE-9938.

Harley Burson DUBBERLY (private).

Spouse: Jessie CROUCH-25813. Children were: Herman Ernest DUBBERLY-9943.

Herman Ernest DUBBERLY Jr. (private). Parents: Herman Ernest DUBBERLY-9943 and Lillie Mae (Lillie) TEMPLE-9938.

Herman Ernest DUBBERLY28582,28583 was born on 28 March 1909 in LA.28584 He died on 10 March 1983 at the age of 73 in Haynesville, Claiborne, LA.28584 Parents: Harley Burson DUBBERLY-25812 and Jessie CROUCH-25813.

Spouse: Lillie Mae (Lillie) TEMPLE-9938. Lillie Mae (Lillie) TEMPLE and Herman Ernest DUBBERLY were married on 21 January 1933.28582 Children were: Walter Burson (PeeWee) DUBBERLY-9944, Betty Ann DUBBERLY-9945, Jessie Marie DUBBERLY-9946, Herman Ernest DUBBERLY Jr.-9947, Judy Mae DUBBERLY-9948.

Jessie Marie DUBBERLY (private). Parents: Herman Ernest DUBBERLY-9943 and Lillie Mae (Lillie) TEMPLE-9938.

Judy Mae DUBBERLY (private). Parents: Herman Ernest DUBBERLY-9943 and Lillie Mae (Lillie) TEMPLE-9938.

Walter Burson (PeeWee) DUBBERLY (private). Parents: Herman Ernest DUBBERLY-9943 and Lillie Mae (Lillie) TEMPLE-9938.

DUBEL28585 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sherley Louise FLEMING-168578. Sherley Louise FLEMING and DUBEL were married before November 1951.28585

Eunice Mae DUBERT was born on 29 September 1934 in Hagler, Arkansas, AR.28586,28587 She lived in AR in 1952.28588 She died on 7 January 1990 at the age of 55 in Houston, Harris, TX.105,28586,28588 Buried in Bayou Meto Cemetery, Bayou Meto, AR. Parents: Sidney L. DUBERT-168492 and Hedy M. HUDSON-168493.

Spouse: James E. TEMPLE-144117.

Sidney L. DUBERT (private).

Spouse: Hedy M. HUDSON-168493. Children were: Eunice Mae DUBERT-142620.

Lee Arthur DUBES (private).

Spouse: Toni J. TEMPLE-144805.

DUBINSKY (private).

Spouse: Velma -135314.

Joan M. DUBOFF (private).28589

Spouse: Keith A. TEMPLE-146126.

Daniel Lee DUBOIS (private).

Spouse: Lora Mae TEMPLE-174826.

Donna DUBORD (private).

Spouse: Perry ARMAND-120229. Children were: Kimberly Ann ARMAND-120228.

Gina DUBUISSON (private). Parents: UNKNOWN-114069 and Lydia Grace BESSE-93047.

Susanna Barbara DUCE28590 was born in August 1882 in Ontario Co., Ontario, Canada.28591 She appeared in the census in 1911 in Thunder Bay Co., Ontario, Canada.28591

Spouse: Robert John (Robert) TEMPLE-149524. Susanna Barbara DUCE and Robert John (Robert) TEMPLE were married. Children were: Viola Minnie Gladys TEMPLE-149526.

Mary E. DUCENEY (private).

Spouse: Robert MC CORMICK-73757. Children were: Robert J. MC CORMICK-48128.

Brandi L. DUCHAINE (private).

Spouse: Jason S. TEMPLE-162169.

Bryce DUCHOUQUETTE (private). Parents: John DUCHOUQUETTE-111877 and Janette REES-112303.

John DUCHOUQUETTE (private).

Spouse: Janette REES-112303. Children were: Bryce DUCHOUQUETTE-111876, Ty DUCHOUQUETTE-111878.

Ty DUCHOUQUETTE (private). Parents: John DUCHOUQUETTE-111877 and Janette REES-112303.

Albert (Ambrose) DUCHS28592 was born in July 1847 in Germany.28593 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Newark, Essex, NJ.28594 Surname was Dux in 1900, and given name was Ambrose.

Spouse: Maria (Mary) TEMPEL-151583. Maria (Mary) TEMPEL and Albert (Ambrose) DUCHS were married on 7 October 1888 in Elizabeth, Union, NJ.28592 Children were: Charlies DUX-173537, Mary DUX-173538, Joseph DUX-173539, William DUX-173540, Annie DUX-173541.

Mary A. DUCKETT (private).

Spouse: Fredrick W. WALGENBACH-168482. Children were: Viola Marie WALGENBACH-146851.

DUCKWORTH (private).

Spouse: Pamela TEMPLE-141773.

Alicia Marie DUCKWORTH (private). Parents: Douglas Dean DUCKWORTH-111881 and Lisa Marie SHELLY-112489.

Spouse: Kevin CYRNEK-111858. Children were: Mavryk CYRNEK-111859.

Angelica DUCKWORTH (private). Parents: Douglas Dean DUCKWORTH-111881 and Lisa Marie SHELLY-112489.

Douglas Dean DUCKWORTH (private).

Spouse: Lisa Marie SHELLY-112489. Children were: Alicia Marie DUCKWORTH-111879, Angelica DUCKWORTH-111880.

Joseph B. DUCKWORTH (private).28595

Spouse: Pamela Ann TEMPLE-68308.

Jacqueline C. DUCORMIER was born in 1916.28596,28597

Spouse: Don TEMPLE-145836. Jacqueline C. DUCORMIER and Don TEMPLE were married on 14 February 1964 in Los Angeles Co., CA.28596,28597

Luvinia Agnes DUCOTE28598 was born in 1887 in LA.28599 She lived in Port Arthur, Jefferson, TX on 1 April 1935.28599 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Port Arthur, Jefferson, TX.28599 Given as Luvinia at times, and as Agnes (the latter in her marriage records). There seems some confusion with Lavonia Ducote, who married James Henry Temple of Duncan Woods in Orange Co., TX, whose second wife (Douet) was also noted as going by Agnes. This may indicate James Henry's second wife Douet was not the same as the person known as Agnes. In this family, her husband's name is only based on the claim that her son Ernest was a Jr., and therefore her husband was Ernest Sr. This may not be the case. However, William Loyd Temple, Sr., the son of James Henry and Douet Temple, had no mention of a sibling or near relative named Ernest in his obituary.

More research is necessary to clear this up, but it appears Lavonia Ducote married James Henry Temple and was the mother of William Loyd Temple in Duncan Woods, TX, in 1917. I think also that William's father James Henry Temple was also married to an Agnes who was confused with Lunvinia Agnes Ducote.

Spouse: Earnest TEMPLE Sr.-158348. Luvinia Agnes DUCOTE and Earnest TEMPLE Sr. were married before 1929. Children were: Ernest TEMPLE Jr.-135989.

Spouse: Belizaire WILTZ-158350. Luvinia Agnes DUCOTE and Belizaire WILTZ were married on 3 July 1937 in Jefferson Co., TX.28600

Linda DUCREST (private).

Spouse: Melvin Owen PEARSON-14511.

Mariana DUDEK (private).

Spouse: Wincenty (Vincent) ZAICH-26585. Children were: Frieda Agnes ZAICH-23524.

Marie Magdalena DUDENHOEFER (private).

Spouse: George A. PLATT-71796. Children were: Magdaline (Malana/Lena) PLATT-28729.

Rebecca A. DUDGEON28601 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John Wesley MINER-46208. Rebecca A. DUDGEON and John Wesley MINER were married before 1851. Children were: Beth Ann (Bessie) MINER-2423.

Lisa Ann DUDIAK (private).28602

Spouse: Wayne Peter TEMPLE-144863.

DUDLEY was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mattie Katherine DODD-98939. Mattie Katherine DODD and DUDLEY were married about 1944. They were divorced before August 1963.21007

Abigail DUDLEY (private).

Spouse: John HARRIS-32655. Children were: Mary (Polly) HARRIS-1553.

Anna C. DUDLEY15171,28603 died.

Spouse: James H. GIBSON-116820. Anna C. DUDLEY and James H. GIBSON were married before 1888. Children were: Bertha Alice (Bertha) GIBSON-46286.

Beulah DUDLEY28604 was born on 2 April 1783 in Sutton, Worcester, MA.23389,28605,28606,28607,28608 The Dudley genealogies give the date as 2 Apr 1783, but others say 31 Mar. Her age was very confused in the 1860 census, illegible but something like 77, overwriting 47. She appeared in the census in 1850 in Orange, Franklin, MA.28609 Living with her son Isaac Temple and family. She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Orange, Franklin, MA.23389 Enumerated with her son Isaac. Beulah appeared in the census in July 1870 in Orange, Franklin, MA.28607 Enumerated with the family of her daughter Elizabeth. She died on 7 August 1874 at the age of 91 in North Orange, Franklin, MA.22,14592,28605,28610 Buried in Perry Cemetery, Orange, MA. Name given as Bulah in Petersham Vital Records. Parents: Francis DUDLEY-26263 and Elizabeth WHIPPLE-26264.

Spouse: Joseph TEMPLE-5784. Beulah DUDLEY and Joseph TEMPLE were married on 31 March 1808 in Petersham, Worcester, MA.28604,28608,28611,28612 Two Dudley genealogies gave the date as 3 Mar 1808, but they disagree with a transcription of vital records. Children were: Mary Fisk TEMPLE-5836, Charles TEMPLE-5837, Isaac TEMPLE-5838, Elizabeth Whipple (Eliza) TEMPLE-5839, Luke TEMPLE-5840, Roxy TEMPLE-5841.

Clara DUDLEY was born in 1850 in NH.28613 She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Concord, Essex, VT.28613 She died. Parents: Samuel T. DUDLEY-30784 and Jerusha TEMPLE-1455.

Eddie T. DUDLEY6353 was born about 1859 in IA. Date is a placeholder. Parents: Joseph DUDLEY-57674 and Maria L. TEMPLE-46496.

Edward DUDLEY was born on 14 July 1930 in Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff, NE.

Spouse: Gloria Frances GREENING-3702. Gloria Frances GREENING and Edward DUDLEY were married in May 1952 in Denver, Denver, CO.

Elvira DUDLEY20896 was born in 1820.

Spouse: Elijah CHRISTIAN-65901. Elvira DUDLEY and Elijah CHRISTIAN were married. Children were: Emily Elvira (Emma) CHRISTIAN-20121.

Eva J. DUDLEY22 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: George A. CAHILL-37395. Eva J. DUDLEY and George A. CAHILL were married before 1885. Children were: Elizabeth Mary (Elizabeth) CAHILL-3556.