GWATHMEY was born in VA.19214 She died.

Spouse: BURNLEY-110818. GWATHMEY and BURNLEY were married before November 1836. Children were: Lucy Marshall (Lucy) BURNLEY-19684.

Owen GWATHMEY34021,39450 was born in Burlington, King William, VA. The 3rd generation of Gwathmeys in Virginia. Owned large acreage on the Mattaponi in the upper end of King William County.

Spouse: Hannah TEMPLE-4454. Hannah TEMPLE and Owen GWATHMEY were married about 1755. Children were: Temple GWATHMEY-21208.

Temple GWATHMEY12411 was born in King and Queen Co., VA.12413 Parents: Owen GWATHMEY-21175 and Hannah TEMPLE-4454.

Spouse: Ann BAYLOR-21206. Ann BAYLOR and Temple GWATHMEY were married on 30 September 1774.12412

Dr. William GWATHMEY (private).

Spouse: Ann TEMPLE-34870.

Clara GWINN12788 died.

Spouse: Walter BEDFORD-115594. Clara GWINN and Walter BEDFORD were married before 1918. Children were: Claribel BEDFORD-115593.

Jessie GWINN was born in 1882 in TN.39451 Parents: Pierce GWINN-161079 and Amanda Jane TEMPLES-138893.

Pierce GWINN was born in 1835 in TN.39451 His son Jessie's death certificate said NC. He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Benton Co., TN.39451 Surname spelled Guynn in the death certificate of his son Jessie.

Spouse: Amanda Jane TEMPLES-138893. Amanda Jane TEMPLES and Pierce GWINN were married in 1863 in TN.39451 Children were: Sarah Helen GWINN-161223, Jessie GWINN-161080.

Sarah Helen GWINN39452 was born on 20 February 1874 in Benton Co., TN. He/she died on 31 August 1923 at the age of 49 in Camden, Benton, TN. Parents: Pierce GWINN-161079 and Amanda Jane TEMPLES-138893.

Gregory Michael GWISC (private).

Spouse: Molly Kate TEMPLE-119943. Children were: Tanner GWISC-122473, Rowan GWISC-122474, Whitney GWISC-122475.

Rowan GWISC (private). Parents: Gregory Michael GWISC-119947 and Molly Kate TEMPLE-119943.

Tanner GWISC (private). Parents: Gregory Michael GWISC-119947 and Molly Kate TEMPLE-119943.

Whitney GWISC (private). Parents: Gregory Michael GWISC-119947 and Molly Kate TEMPLE-119943.

Harriet GWYN (private).

Spouse: Henry WHATELY-64313. Children were: Francis Marion (Maria) WHATELY-64312.

Henry M.T. GWYNES was born in March 1843 in AL.6993

Spouse: Sarah A. -153633. Sarah A. and Henry M.T. GWYNES were married. Children were: J.Z. GWYNES-149871.

J.Z. GWYNES appeared in the census in June 1900 in Angelina Co., TX.6993 Given as Gwinz in 1900. Parents: Henry M.T. GWYNES-153632 and Sarah A. -153633.

Spouse: Etta (Etter) TEMPLE-149870. Etta (Etter) TEMPLE and J.Z. GWYNES were married on 10 July 1887 in Kaufman Co., TX.39453

Louisa Jane GYGER39454 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ephraim Grey WAGLEY-68035. Louisa Jane GYGER and Ephraim Grey WAGLEY were married before 1861. Children were: Anna WAGLEY-67196.

Dennis GYURSCO (private).

Spouse: Christina TEMPLE-177105.

Henry C. HAACK was born in 1887 in NE.7117

Spouse: Selma -126178. Selma and Henry C. HAACK were married before 1911. Children were: Henry E. HAACK-126176.

Henry E. HAACK was born in 1911 in NE.7117 He gave 111 in his marriage to Estelyne Temple, but his grave marker says 1913. He lived in Gage Co., NE on 1 April 1935.7117 He died in 1974 at the age of 63.39455 Parents: Henry C. HAACK-126177 and Selma -126178.

Spouse: Estelyne B. TEMPLE-53786. Estelyne B. TEMPLE and Henry E. HAACK were married about November 1938 in Lincoln, Lancaster, NE.39456,39457 They took out their license on or shortly before 19 Nov 1938 in Lincoln, NE. They39456,39457 were divorced before 1965. Children were: Larry E. HAACK-126179.

Larry E. HAACK (private).7117 Parents: Henry E. HAACK-126176 and Estelyne B. TEMPLE-53786.

Dorothy HAACKE (private).39458

Spouse: Edward George TEMPLE-41622.

Elizabeth HAADSMA (private).

Spouse: Joseph JANSMA Sr.-96964. Children were: Joseph JANSMA Jr.-96963.

Delbert J. HAAG was born on 16 November 1919 in NY.2997,39459,39460 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Rochester, Monroe, NY.2997 He lived in CA before 1951.39460 Delbert died on 19 February 2001 at the age of 81 in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA.39460 Parents: Royal J. HAAG-101497 and Grace M. -101498.

Spouse: Betty Jean TEMPLE-47860. Betty Jean TEMPLE and Delbert J. HAAG were married in 1941.39459 They39459 were divorced in November 1972 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.39459

Joanne HAAG (private).

Spouse: Wilbur Edgar TEMPLE Jr.-3308.

Royal J. HAAG was born in 1897 in PA.2997 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Rochester, Monroe, NY.2997

Spouse: Grace M. -101498. Children were: Delbert J. HAAG-101496.

Gloria Mae HAAK (private).39461

Spouse: John Benjamin TEMPLE Jr.-33985. Children were: John Benjamin Wesley TEMPLE-88822, Kaylie TEMPLE-120386, Wes TEMPLE-120387, Jonathan TEMPLE-120388.

Kathleen Marie HAAKE (private).

Spouse: Robert Fred HELLING-112006. Children were: Melissa Marie HELLING-112004, Robert Christopher HELLING-112005, Gregory Michael HELLING-112002.

Marianne Lisa HAAKE (private).39462

Spouse: Charles Cornel TEMPLE-62740. Children were: Charles W. TEMPLE-82989, Jenna TEMPLE-82990.

Stina Regina HAAKENSON (private).

Spouse: Leon G. FREELAND-82643. Children were: Frances Leone (Leone) FREELAND-71187.

Martje HAAN32177 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Garbrand ENGELKENS-95062. Martje HAAN and Garbrand ENGELKENS were married before 1873. Children were: Gertrude (Gertie) ENGELKENS-44832.

Hilda Catherine (Hilda) HAAR39463,39464,39465 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Raleigh C. MINKE-90355. Hilda Catherine (Hilda) HAAR and Raleigh C. MINKE were married before 1921. Children were: Catherine Louise MINKE-70321.

Martha HAAR was born on 24 March 1893 in Eureka, Mc Pherson, SD.1263,39466,39467,39468 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Marion, Turner, SD.1263 She appeared in the census in 1935 in Marion, Turner, SD.19561 In April 1940 Martha was a retail store saleslady in Marion, Turner, SD.39467 She appeared in the census in 1945 in Turner Co., SD.6057 She lived in Marion, Turner, SD in 1966.39468 Martha died on 15 May 1966 at the age of 73 in Sioux Falls, Turner, SD.39466,39468 Buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Marion, SD. Her parents were both from Russia. The spelling of her maiden name is from a source which has many spelling errors. Her obituary said it was Haar.

Spouse: Philip TEMPEL-49332. Martha HAAR and Philip TEMPEL were married in 1919.39469

HAAS (private).

Spouse: Andrea Christine TRULL-164777.

HAAS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Luella TEMPLE-166117. Luella TEMPLE and HAAS were married before 1909.

Barbara HAAS1248 was born on 18 May 1773 in Niedernberg, Bavaria, Germany. She died on 21 April 1855 at the age of 81 in Jasper, Dubois, IN.

Spouse: John Adam SCHEURICH-95631. Barbara HAAS and John Adam SCHEURICH were married on 20 January 1799 in Niedernberg, Bavaria, Germany. Children were: Anna SCHEURICH-95633, Jean SCHERUICH-95634, Martin SCHEURICH-95635, Margretta SCHEURICH-95638, Catherine SCHERUICH-95637, Peter SCHEURICH-95623.

Edna HAAS39470 was born in 1910. She died in 1998 at the age of 88 in Comal Co., TX.

Spouse: Edwin PREUSSER-150196. Edna HAAS and Edwin PREUSSER were married. Children were: Jimmie Ray PREUSSER-150195.

Freda E. HAAS39471,39472 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: James E. LININGER-128283. Freda E. HAAS and James E. LININGER were married before 1913. Children were: Homer Jacob LININGER-77987.

Frieda Ethel HAAS (private).

Spouse: James Emery LINENGER-131005. Children were: Homer Jacob LINENGER-131004.

Grace S. HAAS (private).

Spouse: TEMPLE-140611. Children were: Pamela Dawn (Pamela) TEMPLE-140613, Thomas Martain TEMPLE-140649.

Marguerite HAAS39473 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: George E. IVERSON-128865. Marguerite HAAS and George E. IVERSON were married before October 1918.39473 Children were: Catherine IVERSON-128864.

Marshall H. HAAS (private).

Spouse: Tandra G. TEMPLE-165932.

Echo Renee HAASE (private).

Spouse: David Cody TEMPLE-145770.

Richard HABAN was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Margaret TEMPLE-175216. Margaret TEMPLE and Richard HABAN were married in June 1949 in Manhattan, New York, NY.39474 It is not clear this marriage took place, but they took out a license, # 15832, 15 Jun 1949.

HABEB (private).

Spouse: Pamela (Pam) TEMPLE-121081.

Jennett HABECH39475 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: George TEMPLE-166617. Jennett HABECH and George TEMPLE were married on 16 February 1861 in Floyd Co., IN.39475

Louisa HABIC39476 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lewis TEMPLE Jr.-184942. Louisa HABIC and Lewis TEMPLE Jr. were married between 1857 and 1860. Children were: William H. TEMPLE-184946.

John HABLE39477 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Matilda ROYE-163164. Matilda ROYE and John HABLE were married before 1868. Children were: Lee Emma HABLE-136167.

Lee Emma HABLE was born on 11 April 1868 in Columbia, Lancaster, PA.39477,39478,39479,39480,39481 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Columbia, Lancaster, PA.39480 She lived 210 South 8th Street in Columbia, Lancaster, PA in November 1918.39482 Lee appeared in the census in January 1920 in Columbia, Lancaster, PA.39478 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Columbia, Lancaster, PA.39479 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Columbia, Lancaster, PA.39481 Lee died on 25 October 1961 at the age of 93 in Columbia, Lancaster, PA.39477,39483,39484 Died at Fairview Manor Convalescent Home, Columbia, of a cerebral hemorrhage. Buried in Mt. Bethel Cemetery, Columbia, PA. Her parents were from Austria (father) and PA (mother) in 1920, and both from PA in 1930. By 1910, she had had 2 children, both of whom survived. Parents: John HABLE-163163 and Matilda ROYE-163164.

Spouse: LOCKARD-182234. Lee Emma HABLE and LOCKARD were married about 1889.

Spouse: John J. TEMPLE-129477. Lee Emma HABLE and John J. TEMPLE were married on 6 November 1900 in Columbia, Lancaster, PA.39485,39486 They took out their license on or slightly before 7 Nov 1900, but the bride's maiden name was given as Lockard according to the newspapers. Another news release made clear that she was Mrs. Lee Emma Lockard, indicating her first husband had died. Find-A-Grave said her maiden name was Hable which agrees with death records. According to the Lancaster, PA, newspaper, they were married in the home of the bride's aunt, Mrs. Catharine Gerfin, on Poplar Street, but the city was not mentioned. They may have intended to marry in Columbia, but they appear to have married in Lancaster. Children were: Margaret Elizabeth (Elizabeth) TEMPLE-136168.

William Merritt HABLISTON (private).

Spouse: Nancy Randolph (Nannie) SELDEN-17918.

Alma Juliane HACK39487 was born on 25 March 1914 in Saskatchewan, Canada.10391,39487 She lived in Regina Co., Saskatchewan, Canada in 2002.39488 She died on 9 June 2005 at the age of 91 in Regina Co., Saskatchewan, Canada.10391,39487 Buried in Regina Memorial Gardens, Regina, SK. Parents: Joseph HACK-90513 and Elizabeth NEIBERGAIL-90514.

Spouse: Frank TEMPEL-90511. Alma Juliane HACK and Frank TEMPEL were married. Children were: Irene TEMPEL-90515, Philip (Phil) TEMPEL-90516, Caroline TEMPEL-90517, Robert Frank (Bob) TEMPEL-90518, Frances (Fran) TEMPEL-90519, Lorne TEMPEL-90520, Helen TEMPEL-120033.