Leona Victoria STORY (private).

Spouse: KNAPP-156547.

Spouse: George James TEMPLE-132161.

Lorene STORY was born on 23 September 1912 in Mc Lean Co., KY.63145,63150 She died on 6 March 2007 at the age of 94.63150 Parents: Emmitt STORY-92844 and Sudie Ethel TEMPLE-92843.

Maggie Jane STORY (private).

Spouse: Melville Reeves LONG-77333. Children were: Edna Mae LONG-77332.

Marietta STORY was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Frank Herbert PARKER-8576. Marietta STORY and Frank Herbert PARKER were married in 1877.2480 Children were: Eulalia PARKER-8885, Clara PARKER-8886.

Nellie G. STORY63151 died.

Spouse: Booker WRIGHT-102554. Nellie G. STORY and Booker WRIGHT were married. Children were: Ethel Louise WRIGHT-93217.

Ruth STORY was born on 16 December 1917 in Owensboro, Daviess, KY.63145,63152 She died on 19 April 2000 at the age of 82.63152 Parents: Emmitt STORY-92844 and Sudie Ethel TEMPLE-92843.

Cleveland William STOSKOPF Sr. was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Marian Belle TEMPLE-48527. Marian Belle TEMPLE and Cleveland William STOSKOPF Sr. were married on 17 May 1925 in Lyons, Rice, KS.26078 Children were: Cleveland William STOSKOPF Jr.-66076, Sally Beth STOSKOPF-66077.

Cleveland William STOSKOPF Jr. (private). Parents: Cleveland William STOSKOPF Sr.-66075 and Marian Belle TEMPLE-48527.

Sally Beth STOSKOPF (private). Parents: Cleveland William STOSKOPF Sr.-66075 and Marian Belle TEMPLE-48527.

Charles J. STOTSBERY18462 was born in 1876 in IA.23273 He lived in Beatrice, Gage, NE in 1908.23273 He died. Also appears as Stotsberg. Parents: J.H. STOTSBERY-109552 and Adeline DAVIS-109553.

Spouse: Cora A. TEMPLE-46907. Cora A. TEMPLE and Charles J. STOTSBERY were married on 26 February 1908 in Beatrice, Gage, NE.18462,23273 Children were: Cora Belle STOTSBERY-104317.

Cora Belle STOTSBERY was born on 24 May 1909 in Des Moines, Union, NM.63153 She died on 11 November 1994 at the age of 85.63153 Parents: Charles J. STOTSBERY-46912 and Cora A. TEMPLE-46907.

J.H. STOTSBERY23273 died.

Spouse: Adeline DAVIS-109553. Adeline DAVIS and J.H. STOTSBERY were married before 1876. Children were: Charles J. STOTSBERY-46912.

Jack Coleman STOTTS (private).

Spouse: Paulina Shearer TEMPLE-155306.

Steven Warren STOTTS (private).63154

Spouse: Beth Ann TEMPLE-157399.

Charlene Ann STOUFFER (private).

Spouse: Richard Leroy TEMPLE-132288.

Spouse: WALKER-156474.

STOUGH (private).

Spouse: Margie Charlene (Charlene) TEMPLE-26413.

STOUGH (private).

Spouse: Alpha LaVerne (Laverne) TEMPLE-26414.

Dwight D. STOUGHTON (private).63155

Spouse: Merriam MACAULEY-85981.

Dwight D. STOUGHTON (private).63155

Spouse: Merriam R. TEMPLE-135512.

Rebecca STOUGHTON (private).

Spouse: William TAILER-16586. Children were: Elizabeth TAILER-12960.

STOUT (private).

Spouse: Ella Granger TEMPLE-18442.

STOUT (private).

Spouse: Sara Helen TEMPLE-28692.

STOUT (private).

Spouse: Caroline REED-161612.

Amos STOUT (private).

Spouse: Belle BREWER-90584. Children were: Clara Belle STOUT-83231.

Amy Elizabeth STOUT (private).

Spouse: Brian Kevin TEMPLE-50550. Children were: John Cooper TEMPLE-88872.

Clara Belle STOUT63156 was born on 18 July 1917 in Burlington, Alamance, NC.63157 She died on 18 February 2014 at the age of 96 in AZ.63157 Buried in Zebulon Town Cemetery, Zebulon, NC. Parents: Amos STOUT-90583 and Belle BREWER-90584.

Spouse: Allison Chalmers (Allison) TEMPLE-44817. Clara Belle STOUT and Allison Chalmers (Allison) TEMPLE were married. Children were: Judie TEMPLE-90585, Kenneth TEMPLE-90586, Eric TEMPLE-90587, Tracy TEMPLE-90588.

David STOUT (private).

Spouse: Melba Lee CRAWFORD-58983. Children were: Jason STOUT-58718.

Eunice STOUT9110 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Otto Clarence TEMPLE-44446. Eunice STOUT and Otto Clarence TEMPLE were married after 1933.

Spouse: ARNHOLT-98890. Eunice STOUT and ARNHOLT were married before 1933. Children were: Richard ARNHOLT-98891, Raymond ARNHOLT-98892, Roy ARNHOLT-98893, Margaret ARNHOLT-98894, Mabel ARNHOLT-98895.

Gladys L. STOUT was born on 18 July 1915 in Jewell Junction, Hamilton, IA.16174,63158,63159 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Kamrar, Hamilton, IA.16174 Marker in Presbyterian Cemetery, Kamrar, IA had no death date as of 2008. Parents: Swen STOUT-90790 and Inga OMVIG-90791.

Spouse: John J. TEMPEL-45168. Gladys L. STOUT and John J. TEMPEL were married on 24 June 1933 in Webster City, Hamilton, IA.63158,63159 Two of the witnesses were the groom's sisters Katie and Dorothy. Children were: Rodger LeRoy TEMPEL-86324, Robert L. TEMPEL-86318, Ronald J. TEMPEL-86325, Gary John TEMPEL-86319.

James William STOUT63160 was born in 1875. He died in 1941 at the age of 66 in Kansas City, Jackson, MO.

Spouse: Minnie Lee TEMPLE-147668. Minnie Lee TEMPLE and James William STOUT were married. Children were: Otis T. STOUT-147670.

Jason STOUT (private). Parents: David STOUT-58733 and Melba Lee CRAWFORD-58983.

Johnny STOUT28637 died before 2014.

Spouse: Maidell PLUMROY-82525. Maidell PLUMROY and Johnny STOUT were married before 1996.54452

Neva B. STOUT8911 was born on 1 September 1909 in Sugarloaf Twp., Columbia, PA.63161 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Sugarloaf Twp., Columbia, PA.63161 She lived in Sugarloaf Twp., Columbia, PA in 1942.63162 Neva died on 5 December 1992 at the age of 83 in Bloomsburg, Columbia, PA.63163 Buried in Saint Gabriel Cemetery, Benton, Columbia, PA. Her parents were both from PA.

Spouse: Freeman Lee TEMPLE Sr.-22645. Neva B. STOUT and Freeman Lee TEMPLE Sr. were married in 1926 in PA.63161 Children were: Lena Elizabeth TEMPLE-22648, Dorothy Jean TEMPLE-22649, Stanley William TEMPLE-22650, Helen Eileen TEMPLE-22651, Virginia Ellen TEMPLE-22652, Beatrice Geraldine TEMPLE-22653, Franklin Delano (Frank) TEMPLE-22654, Ronald Eugene TEMPLE-22655, Freeman Lee TEMPLE Jr-22656.

Otis T. STOUT63160 was born in 1901. He died in 1952 at the age of 51. Parents: James William STOUT-147669 and Minnie Lee TEMPLE-147668.

Randall Kirk STOUT (private).63164

Spouse: Rita Denae TEMPLE-133772.

Randall Lewis STOUT63165 was born on 14 October 1963 in TX. He died on 8 October 1980 at the age of 16 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX. Parents: Thomas Odell STOUT-150573 and Martha TEMPLE-150572.

Robert M. STOUT63166 was born in Skibereen, County Cork, Ireland. He died.

Spouse: Susan SKINNER-113502. Susan SKINNER and Robert M. STOUT were married before 1871. Children were: Susanna M. STOUT-3261.

Susanna M. STOUT63167 was born on 12 March 1871 in Irish Free State.63166,63168,63169,63170,63171 Gave her age as 44 in 1920. Gave 73 in 1940. She lived in Jackson Co., MO in 1894.63172 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Fort Robinson, Dawes, NE.63173 Susanna moved about 1909 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ.60778 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ.63174 She lived on Christy Road in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ in 1923.63175 Susanna appeared in the census in April 1930 in Cartwright, Maricopa, AZ.63171 She lived 531 East Portland Street in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ in 1936.63176 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ.63170 Living with her was her brother Robert Stout. Susanna died on 29 November 1947 at the age of 76 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ.22856,60778,63177 Died of acute congestive heart failure secondary to hypertension and a cerebrovascular accident. Buried in Greenwood Memory Lawn Cemetery, Phoenix, AZ. Surname spelled Stoutt in her marriage papers. Parents: Robert M. STOUT-19288 and Susan SKINNER-113502.

Spouse: Lt. Oscar Fitzhugh (Oscar) TEMPLE-3259. Susanna M. STOUT and Lt. Oscar Fitzhugh (Oscar) TEMPLE were married on 27 July 1894 in Kansas City, Jackson, MO.63166,63167,63172 Children were: Nellie May TEMPLE-19285, Morgay Elizabeth TEMPLE-19286, Sarah Crissie (Crissey) TEMPLE-19287, Alice Lena (Alice) TEMPLE-34914, Anita Edith TEMPLE-39547, Oscar Robert TEMPLE Sr.-39548.

Swen STOUT (private).

Spouse: Inga OMVIG-90791. Children were: Gladys L. STOUT-45192.

Thomas Odell STOUT (private).

Spouse: Martha TEMPLE-150572. Children were: Randall Lewis STOUT-150574.

William A. STOUT was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Margaret TEMPLES-153409. Margaret TEMPLES and William A. STOUT were married on 15 August 1886 in Madison Co., TN.51404

Sylvia JoAnn STOUTENBURGH (private).

Spouse: John Harvey TEMPLE Jr.-87269.

STOVALL (private).

Spouse: Mary Josephine (Mary Jo) TEMPLE-34000.

Ben STOVALL9917 was born in 1844 in TN.6661,63178 Gave 1846 in 1860. He appeared in the census in June 1860 in Bedford Co., TN.6661 In August 1870 he was a blacksmith in Bedford Co., TN.63178 Parents: Samuel STOVALL-143109 and Sarah -143110.

Spouse: Marcia (Marsh) TEMPLE-119770. Marcia (Marsh) TEMPLE and Ben STOVALL were married on 4 December 1867 in Weakley Co., TN.9917 Children were: Rebecca C. STOVALL-143107, Samuel H. STOVALL-143108.

Beverly A. STOVALL (private).260,8532

Spouse: Leroy George (Roy) TEMPLE Jr.-99864.

Hugh Landis STOVALL Jr. (private).

Spouse: Shirley Juanita TEMPLE-98672. Children were: Hugh Landis STOVALL III-100932.

Hugh Landis STOVALL III (private).63179 Parents: Hugh Landis STOVALL Jr.-100387 and Shirley Juanita TEMPLE-98672.

Rebecca C. STOVALL was born in 1867 in Bedford Co., TN.63178 Parents: Ben STOVALL-119771 and Marcia (Marsh) TEMPLE-119770.

Samuel STOVALL was born in 1810 in TN.6661 He appeared in the census in June 1860 in Bedford Co., TN.6661

Spouse: Sarah -143110. Sarah and Samuel STOVALL were married. Children were: Ben STOVALL-119771.

Samuel H. STOVALL was born in 1869 in Bedford Co., TN.63178 Parents: Ben STOVALL-119771 and Marcia (Marsh) TEMPLE-119770.