Irwin Temple HOWARD was born on 4 May 1914 in Seaman, Adams, OH.45134 He died on 3 June 2001 at the age of 87.45134 Parents: John W. HOWARD-101589 and Edna Mae TEMPLE-46434.

J.J. HOWARD45135 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-128087. UNKNOWN and J.J. HOWARD were married before December 1912. Children were: Virginia Miller HOWARD-17255.

James HOWARD (private). Parents: Timothy HOWARD Jr.-13446 and Abigail TEMPLE-976.

James HOWARD was born about 1700. He died about 1790 at the age of 90.

Spouse: Rebecca TEMPLE-9831. Rebecca TEMPLE and James HOWARD were married about 1734.2768

James D. HOWARD (private). Parents: Antoon D. (Tony) HOWARD-121406 and Elsie Katherine TEMPLE-45043.

Jesse HOWARD (private). Parents: Moses HOWARD-16837 and Hannah TEMPLE-983.

Joan HOWARD (private). Parents: Antoon D. (Tony) HOWARD-121406 and Elsie Katherine TEMPLE-45043.

Joann HOWARD (private).

Spouse: Christopher TEMPLE-160058.

John HOWARD45136 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-114656. UNKNOWN and John HOWARD were married before December 1847. Children were: Susanah (Susan) HOWARD-31405.

John HOWARD22847 died before 1880. He was born in SC.

Spouse: Jane RANDALL-34160. Jane RANDALL and John HOWARD were married. Children were: Martha E. HOWARD-34158.

John J. HOWARD (private).

Spouse: Sonia D. TEMPLE-148969.

John W. HOWARD (private). Parents: Antoon D. (Tony) HOWARD-121406 and Elsie Katherine TEMPLE-45043.

John W. HOWARD13685,45134 was born on 23 September 1884 in Adams Co., OH.13685 He died. Parents: William E. HOWARD-118269 and Nancy J. BEST-118270.

Spouse: Edna Mae TEMPLE-46434. Edna Mae TEMPLE and John W. HOWARD were married on 3 June 1905 in Brown Co., OH.13685,45070 Children were: Irwin Temple HOWARD-104719.

Julia HOWARD was born (date unknown).

Spouse: George L. TEMPLE-182500. Julia HOWARD and George L. TEMPLE were married about January 1921 in Medford, Jackson, OR.45137 They took out their license on or just before 19 Jan 1921. They don't seem to have married, however. Also, George may ahve been George Leonard Temple, b 1901 in Happy Camp, CA. He may have been in an institution shortly after taking out the license and unable to marry if they are the same person.

Kenneth HOWARD (private).

Spouse: Kimberly TEMPLE-121189.

Kyle HOWARD (private).

Spouse: Dana N. KNUST-112781.

Laura HOWARD23 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John KILLARY-46016. Laura HOWARD and John KILLARY were married before 1890. Children were: Dr. Clifton Elsmere KILLARY-46015.

Lewis HOWARD was born in 1895 in VA.45133 In 1917 he was a machinist in New Castle, New Castle, DE.45133 He died. Parents: Horace HOWARD-73753 and Ella LEWIS-73754.

Spouse: Emma Marie (Marie) TEMPLE-61018. Emma Marie (Marie) TEMPLE and Lewis HOWARD were married on 6 May 1917 in New Castle, New Castle, DE.45133 They45133 were divorced on 4 December 1922.45138

Linzy Joseph HOWARD Sr.45139 died before 2020. He held the title of Sr..

Spouse: Julia ROYAL-185523. Julia ROYAL and Linzy Joseph HOWARD Sr. were married before September 1931. Children were: Lucille HOWARD-185519.

Lorie A. HOWARD (private).

Spouse: Rhoda E. PARKER-9443.

Lucille HOWARD was born on 24 September 1931 in Morgan City, St. Mary, LA.45139 She died on 7 December 2020 at the age of 89 in Patterson, St. Mary, LA.45139 Buried in Morgan City Cemetery and Mausoleum, Morgan City, LA. Parents: Linzy Joseph HOWARD Sr.-185522 and Julia ROYAL-185523.

Spouse: Annias TEMPLE-185518. Lucille HOWARD and Annias TEMPLE were married. Children were: Eureka TEMPLE-185520.

Lucy HOWARD7255 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Samuel DUNLAP-13444. Lucy HOWARD and Samuel DUNLAP were married about 1780.

Lyman L. HOWARD was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary Frances PARKER-8435. Mary Frances PARKER and Lyman L. HOWARD were married in 1871.4544

Martha HOWARD (private).

Spouse: Hosea ALDEN-23446. Children were: Martin ALDEN-17788.

Martha E. HOWARD was born on 7 December 1861 in SC.22721,22723,45140,45141 Gave her age as 18 in 1880. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Ward Twp., Edgefield, SC.45141 She died on 29 December 1899 at the age of 38 in Edgefield Co., SC.22721,22723 Buried in Phillipi Baptist Church Cemetery, Edgefield, SC. Parents: John HOWARD-34159 and Jane RANDALL-34160.

Spouse: James Hansford TEMPLE(S)-34153. Martha E. HOWARD and James Hansford TEMPLE(S) were married in 1878 in SC.22721,45141 Children were: John Frederick (Fred) TEMPLES-49962, James Hansford (James) TEMPLES Jr.-34502, Hudson Davis (Hudson) TEMPLES-49963, David Monroe TEMPLES-34488, Albert Washington TEMPLES-34489, Annie T. TEMPLES-34490, TEMPLE(S)-56789.

Mary HOWARD45142 died.

Spouse: Henry Harlan LANE-26269. Mary HOWARD and Henry Harlan LANE were married before 1882. Children were: Eva Florence LANE-26267.

Mary HOWARD (private). Parents: Moses HOWARD-16837 and Hannah TEMPLE-983.

Mary HOWARD (private). Parents: Antoon D. (Tony) HOWARD-121406 and Elsie Katherine TEMPLE-45043.

Mary HOWARD (private).

Spouse: William A. TEIGUE-169804. Children were: James Edward TEIGUE-169803.

Mary HOWARD (private).

Spouse: Josiah PETERS-184409. Children were: Shirley PETERS-184406.

Mary Bob HOWARD (private). Parents: Robert Samuel (Bob) HOWARD-10852 and Mary Belle (Mary) TEMPLE-10851.

Mary Hudson HOWARD45143 was born in 1858. She died in 1903 at the age of 45.

Spouse: John Martin PILGER-108332. Mary Hudson HOWARD and John Martin PILGER were married. Children were: Ida May PILGER-49078.

Mary J. HOWARD23 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Isaac P. WESTON-18084. Mary J. HOWARD and Isaac P. WESTON were married before 1836. Children were: Caroline F. WESTON-2411.

Mary J. HOWARD was born in 1875.45144

Spouse: William A. SPENCE-149383. Mary J. HOWARD and William A. SPENCE were married. Children were: Flora TEMPLE-149385.

Mary Janet HOWARD was born on 7 August 1937 in Hermitage, Bradley, AR.45128,45145 She died on 21 August 1992 at the age of 55.45145 Parents: Floyd Clifton HOWARD-79738 and Eunice Marie TEMPLE-20898.

Mary Wilder HOWARD45146 was born in 1835. She died in 1883 at the age of 48. Parents: Rufus HOWARD-13449 and Louisa SAWYER-17963.

Spouse: Ralph Smith SAFFORD-17965. Mary Wilder HOWARD and Ralph Smith SAFFORD were married in 1859.45146 Children were: Louise SAFFORD-17966.

Mildred Frances HOWARD45147 was born on 8 June 1896 in Braintree, Orange, VT.22574,43054,45148 She lived in Randolph Center, Orange, VT in 1917.45149 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Randolph, Orange, VT.43054 Mildred appeared in the census in April 1930 in Randolph, Orange, VT.45148 She lived 15 Weston Street in Randolph, Orange, VT in April 1942.45150 She died on 1 April 1945 at the age of 48 in Randolph, Orange, VT.22574 Parents: Willis Scott HOWARD-29495 and Minnie Estelle SPAULDING-29496.

Spouse: Ray Hewitt (Ray) TEMPLE-6574. Mildred Frances HOWARD and Ray Hewitt (Ray) TEMPLE were married on 20 June 1916 in Randolph, Orange, VT.1310,22574,45147 They1310,22574,45147 were divorced on 1 July 1944 in Orange Co., VT.45151 Divorce granted to Mildren on the basis of intolerable severity on 20 Jun 1944; decree absolute on 1 Jul 1944. Children were: Margaret Annie TEMPLE-6603, Annette Barbara TEMPLE-6604.

Spouse: Ernest Monroe SARGENT-38164. Mildred Frances HOWARD and Ernest Monroe SARGENT were married on 8 July 1944 in Randolph, Orange, VT.1310

Mildred Kaye HOWARD (private).

Spouse: Dural De Wayne TEMPLE-51608. Children were: Carlos Bernard TEMPLE II-51631.

Mildred Kaye HOWARD was born on 25 June 1950 in Lexington, Lafayette, MO.7838 She died on 10 May 2007 at the age of 56.7838

Spouse: FOREMAN-168948.

Spouse: TEMPLE-168946.

Milo HOWARD26776 was born on 21 June 1823.

Spouse: Catherine CUSHING-31904. Catherine CUSHING and Milo HOWARD were married on 8 May 1850.26776 Children were: Catherine Maria (Maria) HOWARD-31902.

Minnie HOWARD45152 was born in April 1900 in Frederick Co., MD.45153 She died on 14 July 1923 at the age of 23 in Frederick, Frederick, MD. Died at home from a complication of diseases. Buried in Bartonsville Cemetery,
Bartonsville, MD. Parents: HOWARD-185957 and Louisa -185958.

Spouse: George TEMPLE-185946. Minnie HOWARD and George TEMPLE were married about June 1913. Children were: George Henry TEMPLE Sr.-185944.

Moses HOWARD (private).

Spouse: Hannah TEMPLE-983. Children were: Hannah HOWARD-32486, Jesse HOWARD-32487, Mary HOWARD-32488.

Myrtle G. HOWARD45154 was born in 1890 in MD.45155 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in West Friendship, Howard, MD.45155 She died before 1991 at the age of 101. Her parents were both from MD in 1920.

Spouse: Samuel E. (Sam) NORRIS-185964. Myrtle G. HOWARD and Samuel E. (Sam) NORRIS were married before 1916. Children were: Mae Virginia NORRIS-185963.

Narvie L. HOWARD (private).

Spouse: Mattie C. FERGUSON-79741. Children were: Floyd Clifton HOWARD-79738.

Neil W. HOWARD (private).45156

Spouse: Kathleen A. TEMPLE-146964.

Paul R. HOWARD (private). Parents: Antoon D. (Tony) HOWARD-121406 and Elsie Katherine TEMPLE-45043.

Plydia HOWARD (private).45157

Spouse: Calvin WATSON-90171. Children were: Epsey (Epsie) WATSON-34487.

Richard W. HOWARD (private). Parents: Antoon D. (Tony) HOWARD-121406 and Elsie Katherine TEMPLE-45043.

Robert Samuel (Bob) HOWARD10067 was born on 13 July 1908 in Knoxville, Knox, TN.10067,45158 He died on 15 January 1992 at the age of 83 in TN.10067,45158 Parents: William Decator HOWARD-18722 and Lea HENDERSON-18723.

Spouse: Mary Belle (Mary) TEMPLE-10851. Mary Belle (Mary) TEMPLE and Robert Samuel (Bob) HOWARD were married on 25 November 1933 in Jefferson Co., TN.42490,45159 Children were: Mary Bob HOWARD-68831.

Rosie Lee HOWARD was born on 9 March 1919 in Carrollton, Pickens, AL.910 She died on 1 February 2005 at the age of 85 in Killeen, Bell, TX.910 Parents: Sylvester HOWARD-183091 and Bessie -183092.

Spouse: Andrew J. TEMPLE-183087. Rosie Lee HOWARD and Andrew J. TEMPLE were married before 1946. Children were: Lamar Hayes TEMPLE-183872, Levon Owens TEMPLE-183089, Byron E. TEMPLE-183090.