Helen HURST17480,18870,46082 was born on 19 September 1921.46083,46084 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Kentwood, Tangipahoa, LA.46084 She lived in LA before 1951.46083 Helen died in July 1986 at the age of 64 in Houston, Harris, TX.46083,46085 Buried in Memorial Oaks Cemetery, Houston, TX. If she is the same person, she appeared as Helen Dick, daughter of John Etta (Ray) Dick in the 1930 census of LA. Parents: DICK-94618 and John Etta RAY-94619.

Spouse: Charles Kenneth (Kenneth) TEMPLE-23387. Helen HURST and Charles Kenneth (Kenneth) TEMPLE were married on 4 December 1938 in Kentwood, Tangipahoa, LA.46082,46086 Children were: John Hurst TEMPLE-6241, Charles Kenneth TEMPLE Jr.-94616, Nancy Kay TEMPLE-94617.

Howard HURST46087 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sarah TEMPLE-61987. Sarah TEMPLE and Howard HURST were married before 1941.

John HURST46068 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary SPRAGUE-62802. Mary SPRAGUE and John HURST were married before 1884. Children were: Ada Myrtle HURST-62800.

John HURST39058 was born on 22 December 1838. He died in 1919 at the age of 81.

Spouse: Sarah Kathryn GRIMES-154493. Sarah Kathryn GRIMES and John HURST were married. Children were: Sarah (Sallie) HURST-154491.

John Allan HURST (private).46088

Spouse: Diana Gayle TEMPLE-69275.

John Clark HURST Sr. (private).

Spouse: Ellen CLARKE-55365. Children were: John Clark HURST Jr.-98016.

John Clark HURST Jr. (private). Parents: John Clark HURST Sr.-98012 and Ellen CLARKE-55365.

Letha HURST7885 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: James Valentine ADAMS-66050. Letha HURST and James Valentine ADAMS were married before 1922. Children were: Lucy Jane (Jane) ADAMS-66049.

Peter J. HURST11181 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Josephine WRIGHT-67207. Josephine WRIGHT and Peter J. HURST were married before 1922. Children were: Frances HURST-67205.

Ramon Alec HURST3708,24333 was born in 1919.46089 He died in 1980 at the age of 61.46089

Spouse: Mary Maxine (Mary) TEMPLES-45399. Mary Maxine (Mary) TEMPLES and Ramon Alec HURST were married.

Sampson C. HURST was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary E. TEMPLE-153153. Mary E. TEMPLE and Sampson C. HURST were married on 21 April 1881 in Amite Co., MS.21199

Sara Helen (Helen) HURST46090,46091 was born on 26 September 1912 in Ochlocknee, Thomas, GA.46091,46092,46093,46094 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Miami, Miami-Dade, FL.46094 She lived 628 SW 11th Avenue in Miami, Miami-Dade, FL in February 1942.46095 Sara moved in 1950 in Houston, Harris, TX.46093 She lived in FL before 1951.46092 She lived 3106 Conway Street in Houston, Harris, TX in 1979.46093 Sara died on 21 October 1979 at the age of 67 in Houston, Harris, TX.109,46092,46093 Died of cardio pulmonary failure. Buried in Evergreen Memorial Gardens, Panama City, FL. As the informant on her husband's death certificate, she identified herself only as Mrs. Charles L. Temple. Her son John was the informant on her death certificate.

Parents: Thomas Edward HURST-109189 and Sara Judson JOHNSON-109190.

Spouse: Charles Liston TEMPLE-5954. Sara Helen (Helen) HURST and Charles Liston TEMPLE were married on 6 June 1938 in Miami, Miami-Dade, FL.14229,46096,46097 Their license was issued in Broward County. Some sources give a date of 3 Jul 1938. So - the earlier date may be their license of marriage date, the later one is likely the minister's return or the filing date. Children were: John Hurst TEMPLE-109184.

Sarah (Sallie) HURST was born about 1865. She died in 1889 at the age of 24.39058 Parents: John HURST-154492 and Sarah Kathryn GRIMES-154493.

Spouse: TEMPLE-154490. Children were: Nora TEMPLE-154494.

Sondra Lee HURST (private).

Spouse: PETTIS-96351.

Spouse: George Madec TEMPLE Jr.-55363.

Spouse: Ronald K. DAVIS-96409.

Thomas Edward HURST (private).

Spouse: Sara Judson JOHNSON-109190. Children were: Sara Helen (Helen) HURST-89636.

Walter HURST (private).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-126760. Children were: Carl Edward HURST-126758.

HURT was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sallie -182630. Sallie and HURT were married before 1928.6825

David D. HURT46098 was born in 1876 in NE.46099 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Ventura, Ventura, CA.46099 His parents were both from KY.

Spouse: Diadema (Diadem) TEMPLE-2984. Diadema (Diadem) TEMPLE and David D. HURT were married on 16 October 1909 in Ventura Co., CA.46098 They46098 were divorced before December 1912 in Watts, Los Angeles, CA.46100 Children were: Hazel HURT-60241, Joseph M. HURT-60239, Donald HURT-60240.

Diana Sue HURT42103 was born on 12 August 1935 in Dallas, Dallas, TX.46101 She died on 23 June 2013 at the age of 77 in Lockhart, Caldwell, TX.46101,46102 Buried in Austin Memorial Park Cemetery, Austin, TX, Plot Sect 4, Lot 319, Grave 6HD. Parents: George Enoch HURT-87892 and Mildred FAILS-87893.

Spouse: Bobby John TEMPLE-87889. Diana Sue HURT and Bobby John TEMPLE were married. Children were: Bart Edwin TEMPLE-87882, Barry Frank TEMPLE Sr.-87891.

Donald HURT was born in 1902 in NE.46099 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Ventura, Ventura, CA.46099 Parents: David D. HURT-54156 and Diadema (Diadem) TEMPLE-2984.

Donnie HURT46103 died.

Spouse: George W. SPURLOCK-102754. Donnie HURT and George W. SPURLOCK were married. Children were: Gracie Rae SPURLOCK-87835.

Edison HURT7954 was born in 1920.46104 He died in 2001 at the age of 81.46104

Spouse: Lucendia TEMPLES-56174. Lucendia TEMPLES and Edison HURT were married before 1964.

George Enoch HURT (private).

Spouse: Mildred FAILS-87893. Children were: Diana Sue HURT-87890.

Hazel HURT was born in 1898 in NE.46099 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Ventura, Ventura, CA.46099 Parents: David D. HURT-54156 and Diadema (Diadem) TEMPLE-2984.

James L. HURT46105 died.

Spouse: Elizabeth WOODS-105415. Elizabeth WOODS and James L. HURT were married before 1902. Children were: Louise Wood HURT-71436.

John HURT (private).

Spouse: Viola (Toots) TEMPLE-67933.

Joseph M. HURT was born in 1901 in NE.46099 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Ventura, Ventura, CA.46099 Parents: David D. HURT-54156 and Diadema (Diadem) TEMPLE-2984.

Louise Wood HURT34855 was born on 9 April 1902 in Cooper Co., MO.46105,46106,46107 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Montserrat, Johnson, MO.46106 She lived Route # 1 in Knob Noster, Johnson, MO in February 1940.46108 Louise appeared in the census in April 1940 in Montserrat, Johnson, MO.46107 She lived Route # 1 in Knob Noster, Johnson, MO in 1960.46105 She died on 1 February 1960 at the age of 57 in Warrensburg, Johnson, MO.46105,46109,46110 Died of cervical cancer at Warrensburg, MO, Medical Center. Buried in Sunset Hill Cemetery, Warrensburg, MO. Her parents were both from MO. Parents: James L. HURT-105414 and Elizabeth WOODS-105415.

Spouse: Albert Edward (Albert) TEMPEL-71427. Louise Wood HURT and Albert Edward (Albert) TEMPEL were married in 1921 in MO.46106 Children were: Harland Albert TEMPEL-71437, Leonard Leon TEMPEL-71438, Wilma Louise TEMPLE-71439, Martha Jane TEMPEL-71460, Keith G. TEMPEL-71459.

Nettie HURT39953 died.

Spouse: George MORRIS-118573. Nettie HURT and George MORRIS were married before 1889. Children were: Benjamin MORRIS-118572.

HURTT was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Rachil Louise (Bobbie) TEMPLE-39743. Rachil Louise (Bobbie) TEMPLE and HURTT were married before September 1943.46111

Mustafa Musarrat HUSAIN (private).

Spouse: Rebecca Ann TEMPLE-160959.

HUSBAND (private).

Spouse: Linda TEMPLE-162177. Children were: Kenneth H. HUSBAND-162179, Timothy Clark HUSBAND-162180.

Kenneth H. HUSBAND (private).46112 Parents: HUSBAND-162178 and Linda TEMPLE-162177.

Rachel Ann HUSBAND (private).46113 Parents: W.F. HUSBAND-123064 and WILLIS-123065.

Spouse: Raymond Earl TEMPLE Jr.-123040. Children were: Kaycee Rae TEMPLE-123043, Krystal TEMPLE-123044, Billy TEMPLE-123045, Arch Eugene TEMPLE-125032.

Spouse: Richard Tilton DAVIDSON-123057.

Timothy Clark HUSBAND (private).46114 Parents: HUSBAND-162178 and Linda TEMPLE-162177.

W.F. HUSBAND46113 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: WILLIS-123065. WILLIS and W.F. HUSBAND were married before 1952. Children were: Rachel Ann HUSBAND-123041.

Emily HUSE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Joseph Addison PARKER-8116. Emily HUSE and Joseph Addison PARKER were married in 1854 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.46115 Children were: Joseph Addison PARKER-8660, Maria Jane PARKER-8661.

Rebecca HUSE (private).

Spouse: George ROSS-18366. Children were: Deborah Rebecca ROSS-2680.

Zetty Coaker HUSE9909 was born in 1881. She died in 1958 at the age of 77.

Spouse: James Neely RINEHART-45720. Zetty Coaker HUSE and James Neely RINEHART were married. Children were: Cecil Ray RINEHART-45717.

Anne HUSKE36047 was born on 25 April 1732 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH. She died on 7 June 1764 at the age of 32 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA. Died in a smallpox epidemic.

Spouse: Edmund QUINCY-16657. Anne HUSKE and Edmund QUINCY were married on 1 October 1750 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.36047 Children were: Mary QUINCY-59574, Elizabeth QUINCY-59575, John Husk QUINCY-59576, Ann QUINCY-59577, Edmund Husk QUINCY-59578, Ann Husk QUINCY-59579.

HUSKEY (private).

Spouse: Ruth Ida GROOMS-168815.

Dorothy Lorene HUSKEY (private). Parents: Leonard Lesley HUSKEY-82128 and Ruby Delcena (Ruby) TEMPLE-53603.

Jacqueline Sue HUSKEY (private).

Spouse: Norman James TEMPLE III-52896.

James A. HUSKEY46116 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Maudie M. WELLS-101598. Maudie M. WELLS and James A. HUSKEY were married before 1926. Children were: Thelma Lee HUSKEY-62944.

Kenneth L. HUSKEY (private). Parents: Leonard Lesley HUSKEY-82128 and Ruby Delcena (Ruby) TEMPLE-53603.

Leonard Lesley HUSKEY39610 was born in 1921.39610 He died in 2015 at the age of 94.39610

Spouse: Ruby Delcena (Ruby) TEMPLE-53603. Ruby Delcena (Ruby) TEMPLE and Leonard Lesley HUSKEY were married on 27 July 1945 in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.39610 Children were: Dorothy Lorene HUSKEY-82129, Kenneth L. HUSKEY-82130.

Pearl HUSKEY (private).

Spouse: Hubert L. ELEDGE-132661. Children were: Margaret (Marty) ELEDGE-132660.

Thelma Lee HUSKEY was born on 13 August 1926 in Poplar Bluff, Butler, MO.46116,46117 She lived in Poplar Bluff, Butler, MO in 1943.46117 She lived in MO before 1951.46118 Thelma died on 4 May 2003 at the age of 76 in Granite City, Madison, IL.46118,46119 Buried in Poplar Bluff City Cemetery, Poplar Bluff, MO, Plot: Garner Section. Parents: James A. HUSKEY-101597 and Maudie M. WELLS-101598.

Spouse: Henry Louis TEMPLE-53605. Thelma Lee HUSKEY and Henry Louis TEMPLE were married on 7 August 1943 in Poplar Bluff, Butler, MO.46117

HUSMAN (private).

Spouse: Gwendolyn Pearl TEMPLE-42356.

Margaret Mary HUSNAY (private).

Spouse: Edward Gerald LYNCH-167797. Children were: Darlene Marie LYNCH-167796.