Brad WOODHULL (private).

Spouse: Deanna Rachelle KELLER-111370. Children were: Paula WOODHULL-111730, Jennifer WOODHULL-111728, Keila WOODHULL-111729, Brad WOODHULL-111727.

Brad WOODHULL (private). Parents: Brad WOODHULL-111726 and Deanna Rachelle KELLER-111370.

Jennifer WOODHULL (private). Parents: Brad WOODHULL-111726 and Deanna Rachelle KELLER-111370.

Keila WOODHULL (private). Parents: Brad WOODHULL-111726 and Deanna Rachelle KELLER-111370.

Paula WOODHULL (private). Parents: Brad WOODHULL-111726 and Deanna Rachelle KELLER-111370.

Betty Jo WOODIE7719,83546 was born on 14 December 1932 in Little Rock, Pulaski, AR.83547 She moved in 1935 in Warren, Bradley, AR.83547 She died on 11 December 2014 at the age of 81 in Warren, Bradley, AR.83547 Died of complications from Alzheimer's Disease. Parents: John Claude WOODIE-94326 and Nettie GARDNER-94327.

Spouse: Clyde Langston (Clyde) TEMPLE-26644. Betty Jo WOODIE and Clyde Langston (Clyde) TEMPLE were married in 1950 in AR.83547 Children were: Debra Lynn TEMPLE-26663, John Douglas TEMPLE-26664, David Allen (David) TEMPLE-26665.

John Claude WOODIE (private).

Spouse: Nettie GARDNER-94327. Children were: Betty Jo WOODIE-26659.

Brad WOODLAND (private). Parents: Richard (Dick) WOODLAND-31524 and Shirley A. TEMPLE-31521.

Drenda WOODLAND (private). Parents: Richard (Dick) WOODLAND-31524 and Shirley A. TEMPLE-31521.

Richard (Dick) WOODLAND29893,33039 lived in Monclova, Lucas, OH in 2007.98285 He died in 2013.116349

Spouse: Shirley A. TEMPLE-31521. Shirley A. TEMPLE and Richard (Dick) WOODLAND were married on 6 September 1957.116349 Children were: Drenda WOODLAND-113538, Brad WOODLAND-113539.

Bryan Darrell WOODLEY (private).6513

Spouse: Laura Ann TEMPEL-71313. Children were: Johannah Elyse WOODLEY-71319.

Johannah Elyse WOODLEY (private).127189 Parents: Bryan Darrell WOODLEY-71318 and Laura Ann TEMPEL-71313.

Mary Caroline WOODLEY (private).

Spouse: Walton Chester SPRUILL-100370. Children were: Wendell Chester SPRUILL-100369.

Harry E. WOODLING (private).

Spouse: Jennie METZGAR-167476. Children were: Jay A. WOODLING-167474.

Jay A. WOODLING was born in 1923 in Milton, Northumberland, PA.62092 Parents: Harry E. WOODLING-167475 and Jennie METZGAR-167476.

Spouse: Helen Maxine (Maxine) PROWANT-167471. Helen Maxine (Maxine) PROWANT and Jay A. WOODLING were married on 13 March 1948 in Winchester Co., VA.62092

Benjamin WOODMAN (private).

Children were: Joseph WOODMAN-13561.

Charlotte S. WOODMAN (private).

Spouse: Tolman BOWEN-29548. Children were: Amos Franklin (Frank) BOWEN-13586.

Hattie WOODMAN (private).

Spouse: Hiram ELLINGWOOD-37606. Children were: Carroll Emery ELLINGWOOD-13732.

Joseph WOODMAN (private). Parents: Benjamin WOODMAN-13562.

Children were: Nathaniel WOODMAN-13560.

Joseph F. WOODMAN was born in January 1890 in PA.27829 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Williamstown, Dauphin, PA.27829 He died. Parents: William WOODMAN-56295 and UNKNOWN-56298.

Mary M. WOODMAN was born in February 1892 in PA.27829 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Williamstown, Dauphin, PA.27829 She died. Parents: William WOODMAN-56295 and UNKNOWN-56298.

Nathaniel WOODMAN (private). Parents: Joseph WOODMAN-13561.

Children were: Simon WOODMAN-13559.

Phoebe Ann (Ann) WOODMAN17093 was born on 28 July 1836 in Athens, Somerset, ME.42748,87991,127190 Gave her age as 30 in 1870. The Levi Temple Genealogy gives her date as 18 July. She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Troy, Waldo, ME.87991 She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Detroit, Somerset, ME.42748 Phoebe appeared in the census in April 1910 in Detroit, Somerset, ME.94337 She died after April 1910 at the age of 73 in Detroit, Somerset, ME. Often reversed her names, and appears as Phoebe A., or Ann P. Temple. Her parents were both from ME. By 1910, she had had 4 children, all of whom survived. Parents: Samuel WOODMAN-13557 and Sarah S. WOODMAN-13558.

Spouse: Lewis Turner (Turner) TEMPLE-1522. Phoebe Ann (Ann) WOODMAN and Lewis Turner (Turner) TEMPLE were married about 1853. Children were: Ella J. (Nellie) TEMPLE-13553, Lydia Frances (Fanny) TEMPLE-13554, Fred George (Fred) TEMPLE-3492, Harry Amisy TEMPLE-13555.

Spouse: Joseph Wright PEASE-13673. Phoebe Ann (Ann) WOODMAN and Joseph Wright PEASE were married after 1872.43742

Robert WOODMAN (private).

Spouse: Cristin (Christine) TEMPLE-114747.

Samuel WOODMAN (private). Parents: Simon WOODMAN-13559.

Spouse: Sarah S. WOODMAN-13558. Children were: Phoebe Ann (Ann) WOODMAN-13552.

Samuel WOODMAN27724 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jane DIXON-123112. Jane DIXON and Samuel WOODMAN were married before 1882. Children were: Walter J. WOODMAN-123101.

Sarah S. WOODMAN (private).

Spouse: Samuel WOODMAN-13557. Children were: Phoebe Ann (Ann) WOODMAN-13552.

Simon WOODMAN (private). Parents: Nathaniel WOODMAN-13560.

Children were: Samuel WOODMAN-13557.

Walter J. WOODMAN22 was born in 1882 in Middleboro, Plymouth, MA.27724,53008 He lived in Middleboro, Plymouth, MA in 1912.79033 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Holliston, Middlesex, MA.53008 Walter died. His parents were from England (father) and Canada (mother). Parents: Samuel WOODMAN-123111 and Jane DIXON-123112.

Spouse: Bertha E. TEMPLE-123100. Bertha E. TEMPLE and Walter J. WOODMAN were married on 2 October 1912 in East Boston, Suffolk, MA.27724,53008,79033

William WOODMAN was born in August 1865 in England, United Kingdom.27829 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Williamstown, Dauphin, PA.27829 He died.

Spouse: Harriet L. DODD-56294. Harriet L. DODD and William WOODMAN were married about 1895. Date is estimated to place one child with Woodman and 1 with Temple as the two children she had had who survived to 1900. Children were: William Charles WOODMAN-56297.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-56298. UNKNOWN and William WOODMAN were married in 1885.27829 Children were: Joseph F. WOODMAN-56299, Mary M. WOODMAN-56300.

William Charles WOODMAN was born in August 1896 in PA.27829 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Williamstown, Dauphin, PA.27829 He died. Parents: William WOODMAN-56295 and Harriet L. DODD-56294.

Florence Mary WOODMANCY34087 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ralph Willis MAC KENZIE-97325. Florence Mary WOODMANCY and Ralph Willis MAC KENZIE were married before 1930. Children were: Donald Ralph MAC KENZIE-97324.

WOODMANSEE (private).

Spouse: Mary J. MADDEN-146440.

Ann (Nancy) WOODMANSEE13426 was born in 1791 in Hopewell, Mercer, NJ.14271,15299 She appeared in the census in July 1850 in Trenton, Mercer, NJ.15299 She died on 22 May 1855 at the age of 64 in Trenton, Mercer, NJ.127191 Buried in Mercer Cemetery, Trenton, NJ. I think that Asher had only one wife, but she seems to appear variously as Ann and Nancy, the latter appearing in the 1850 census and in the genealogies of Trenton/Ewing, NJ, families.

Spouse: Asher T. TEMPLE-1015. Ann (Nancy) WOODMANSEE and Asher T. TEMPLE were married on 13 March 1808 in Trenton, Mercer, NJ.18027,23725,77949,77951 Secondary sources put the date in 1806, but marriage records put it in 1808, Children were: Benjamin TEMPLE-1383, Judge John Woodmansee TEMPLE-1384, Maria B. (Marie) TEMPLE-1386, Rebecca TEMPLE-1385, Cornelia TEMPLE-1387, William H. TEMPLE-1388, Daniel TEMPLE-1392, Charlotte H. TEMPLE-1389, Charles Hall (Charles) TEMPLE-1390, Anna Elizabeth (Annie) TEMPLE-1391.

Ross WOODMANSEE (private).

Spouse: Jessie THORINGTON-12305.

WOODRING (private).

Spouse: Frances C. TEMPEL-82435.

Edith WOODRING34582 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Carl GERLACH-101464. Edith WOODRING and Carl GERLACH were married before 1924. Children were: Ellen Isabel GERLACH-93604.

Susan F. WOODROW31506 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Benjamin P. FERGUSON-104932. Susan F. WOODROW and Benjamin P. FERGUSON were married before 1890.31506 Children were: Elsie Lucy FERGUSON-51826.

WOODRUFF (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth E.L. PARKER-11488.

Amanda Maria WOODRUFF (private).

Spouse: Ira Backus BALL-23080. Children were: Theoda Carmita (Carrie) BALL-1903.

Andrew WOODRUFF48679,121101 was born (date unknown). Given as Thomas in his son-in-law's obituary.

Spouse: Artie May LAUTENSCHLAGER-60331. Artie May LAUTENSCHLAGER and Andrew WOODRUFF were married before 1915. Children were: Mable May WOODRUFF-44298.

Donna Elizabeth WOODRUFF (private).

Spouse: Daniel Lee TEMPLE-140692. Children were: Laurie Ann TEMPLE-140697, Jessica Leigh TEMPLE-140694, April Michelle TEMPLE-140695.

John Joseph (John) WOODRUFF was born on 24 July 1861 in Hocking Co., OH.55415,55416 He lived in Columbus, Franklin, OH in July 1908.55416 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Washington Twp., Hocking, OH.55415 John died before June 1927 at the age of 65.29286 His parents were from NJ (father) and OH (mother). Parents: William WOODRUFF-118282 and WILLIAMS-118283.

Spouse: Amanda (Manda) MOFFETT-117717. Amanda (Manda) MOFFETT and John Joseph (John) WOODRUFF were married on 3 July 1908 in Franklin Co., OH.55415,55416 This was a second marriage for both.

Mable May WOODRUFF121101 was born on 4 November 1915 in Millersburg, Holmes, OH.48678,116877,121097,127192,127193 In April 1940 she was a men's and ladies' shoe saleslady in Millersburg, Holmes, OH.121097 She died on 26 January 1994 at the age of 78 in Millersburg, Holmes, OH.48678,116877,127192,127194 Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Millersburg, OH. Also given as Mabel. Parents: Andrew WOODRUFF-60330 and Artie May LAUTENSCHLAGER-60331.

Spouse: William Howard (Howard) TEMPLE-44153. Mable May WOODRUFF and William Howard (Howard) TEMPLE were married on 8 May 1938 in Millersburg, Holmes, OH.121094,121101 This was a first marraige for both. Children were: Susan TEMPLE-44299.

Martha Ann WOODRUFF (private).

Spouse: Joseph Daniel (J.D.) TEMPLE-103559. Children were: Randy Dale TEMPLE-103563, Ricky Allen TEMPLE-103561, Nancy Annette TEMPLE-103562.

Phyllis E. Temple WOODRUFF was born on 12 October 1930.5579 She died.5579 Buried in Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Lot E2 573. Parents: U. Ogden WOODRUFF-141702 and Phyllis TEMPLE-141701.

Spouse: Edward W. GORDON-141704.

U. Ogden WOODRUFF was born on 13 September 1881.5579 He died on 26 May 1969 at the age of 87 in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada.5579 Buried in Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, lot E2 573.

Spouse: Phyllis TEMPLE-141701. Phyllis TEMPLE and U. Ogden WOODRUFF were married. Children were: Phyllis E. Temple WOODRUFF-141703.

William WOODRUFF55416 died.

Spouse: WILLIAMS-118283. WILLIAMS and William WOODRUFF were married before 1861. Children were: John Joseph (John) WOODRUFF-117726.

WOODS (private).

Spouse: Mary Serena (Minnie) MOHLER-54644. Children were: Sarah Frances WOODS-25034.

WOODS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary Ann PIERCE-4913. Mary Ann PIERCE and WOODS were married about 1855.