William WELCH (private). Parents: Adam Callan WELCH-151538 and Edith E. TEMPLE-151537.

William A. WELCH (private).

Spouse: Margaret HARDY-38768. Children were: W. Irving WELCH-38766.

Winfield S. WELCH (private). Parents: Adam Callan WELCH-151538 and Edith E. TEMPLE-151537.

Lucy WELD (private).

Spouse: Elisha PORTER-23456. Children were: Lucy PORTER-1280, Clement PORTER-23458, Julia PORTER-1296.

Laura Gene WELF36943 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Herbert Rudolph GIBSON-64193. Laura Gene WELF and Herbert Rudolph GIBSON were married in 1949 in SD.36943 Children were: Herbert Gene GIBSON-57569.

Kenneth Wayne WELIEVER (private).

Spouse: April Michelle TEMPLE-165651.

Genny WELKER lived in Columbus, Franklin, OH in 2010.6077

Spouse: Robert Lee TEMPLE-76476. Genny WELKER and Robert Lee TEMPLE were married in 1958 in OH.6077 Children were: John TEMPLE-76478, Robin TEMPLE-76479.

Robert WELLBORN (private). Parents: William Robert WELLBORN-57701 and Anna Bethune (Ann) TEMPLE-43356.

Sheryl WELLBORN (private). Parents: William Robert WELLBORN-57701 and Anna Bethune (Ann) TEMPLE-43356.

William Robert WELLBORN6094,133647 was born on 18 July 1921 in Ford City, Armstrong, PA.6094 He died on 13 May 1995 at the age of 73 in Yountville, Napa, CA.6094

Spouse: Anna Bethune (Ann) TEMPLE-43356. Anna Bethune (Ann) TEMPLE and William Robert WELLBORN were married. Children were: Sheryl WELLBORN-57702, Robert WELLBORN-57703.

Scott Allen WELLE (private).6603

Spouse: Janet Kay TEMPLE-57514.

WELLER was born in England, United Kingdom.132921 He died.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-106814. UNKNOWN and WELLER were married before 1824.132921 Children were: Emily WELLER-29977.

Alexandra Lee WELLER (private).13644 Parents: Larry WELLER-127587 and Nicole Louise TEMPLE-127580.

Arthur C. WELLER Jr. (private). Parents: Arthur C. WELLER Sr.-84317 and Alice May (Dimp) TEMPLE-52180.

Arthur C. WELLER Sr.25713,81133 died on 28 February 1953.81132,81133

Spouse: Alice May (Dimp) TEMPLE-52180. Alice May (Dimp) TEMPLE and Arthur C. WELLER Sr. were married on 5 April 1916 in Mount Union, Huntingdon, PA.81133 Children were: Arthur C. WELLER Jr.-123683.

Bessie Ellen WELLER was born in 1885.133648 She died on 22 January 1958 at the age of 73 in Puyallup, Pierce, WA.133648,133649 Parents: William W. WELLER-163542 and Carrie VAN SICKLE-163543.

Spouse: TEMPLE-163544.

Catherine WELLER (private).

Spouse: Jacob GRAM-46299. Children were: Theodore Cook (Theodore) GRAM-46234.

Emily WELLER27702,60592,74812 was born on 26 October 1824 in England, United Kingdom.3265,11563,87922,106653,117481,132921 She appeared in the census in September 1850 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN.87922 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN.117481 Emily appeared in the census in June 1870 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN.3265 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN.106653 She died on 13 March 1905 at the age of 80 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN.132921,133650 Find-A-Grave erroneously gave 10 Mar. She died of mitral insufficiency. Buried in Greenbush Cemetery, Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN. Name appears as Emla in 1870. Her maiden name was Weller in her son William's marriage to Catherine Murphy and in her death certificate, but some sources make her maiden name Hillaker. Her son William's death certificate gave her maiden name as Weiler. Parents: WELLER-106813 and UNKNOWN-106814.

Spouse: Orange Henry (O.H.) TEMPLE Sr.-29974. Emily WELLER and Orange Henry (O.H.) TEMPLE Sr. were married on 30 June 1850 in Tippecanoe Co., IN.11522 Children were: Frank TEMPLE-29981, Emeline (Emma) TEMPLE-29982, John B. TEMPLE-29983, William Elisha TEMPLE-29978.

Kaitlan Sarah WELLER (private).13644 Parents: Larry WELLER-127587 and Nicole Louise TEMPLE-127580.

Larry WELLER (private).

Spouse: Nicole Louise TEMPLE-127580. Children were: Kaitlan Sarah WELLER-127588, Alexandra Lee WELLER-127589.

William W. WELLER (private).

Spouse: Carrie VAN SICKLE-163543. Children were: Bessie Ellen WELLER-149056.

WELLING (private).

Spouse: Judy Ann MARSHALL-147547.

Joseph WELLING30913 was born on 29 January 1746 in Ewing, Mercer, NJ. He died on 19 October 1811 at the age of 65.

Spouse: Hannah Mary (Hannah) HOWELL-24472. Hannah Mary (Hannah) HOWELL and Joseph WELLING were married. Children were: Susan WELLING-1351.

Susan WELLING106174 was born in 1791 in Trenton, Mercer, NJ.45279 Parents: Joseph WELLING-17302 and Hannah Mary (Hannah) HOWELL-24472.

Spouse: John TEMPLE-1006. Susan WELLING and John TEMPLE were married on 4 July 1808 in Trenton, Mercer, NJ.106174,106175 Children were: Charles TEMPLE-1360, Nathaniel (Nathan) TEMPLE-1352, William Howell TEMPLE-1359, Theodore TEMPLE-1354, George TEMPLE-1355, Reverend John Furman (John) TEMPLE-1356, Sarah Ann TEMPLE-1357, Hannah S. TEMPLE-1358, Joseph Welling TEMPLE-1353.

Charles Albert WELLINGTON23 was born on 14 March 1852 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.116690 He died. Parents: William WELLINGTON-17762 and Nancy Maria TEMPLE-2058.

E. Lynwood WELLINGTON23 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mildred VARNUM-38138. Mildred VARNUM and E. Lynwood WELLINGTON were married before 1900. Children were: Muriel F. WELLINGTON-3577.

Ellen WELLINGTON (private).

Spouse: Joseph PETERS-36346. Children were: Hattie A. PETERS-2337.

John WELLINGTON (private).

Spouse: Mary Gould HURD-53547. Children were: John WELLINGTON-21007.

John WELLINGTON93293 was born in 1765 in MI. He died in 1825 at the age of 60 in Boylston, Worcester, MA. Surname also appears as Willington. Parents: John WELLINGTON-53546 and Mary Gould HURD-53547.

Spouse: Elizabeth TEMPLE-1055. Elizabeth TEMPLE and John WELLINGTON were married on 29 September 1791 in Boylston, Worcester, MA.9331

Jonathan WELLINGTON60034 died before 1817.

Spouse: Sarah (Sally) MORSE-20969. Sarah (Sally) MORSE and Jonathan WELLINGTON were married about 1814.

Leonard A. WELLINGTON (private).

Spouse: Janice S. TEMPLE-164348.

Mary WELLINGTON55693 was born about 1815. She died about 1848 at the age of 33 in Johnston, Johnston, NC. She did not appear with the family in the 1850 census of Richmond County, GA.

Spouse: Peter R. TEMPLE-9863. Mary WELLINGTON and Peter R. TEMPLE were married about 1830 in Johnston, Johnston, NC.83479 Children were: Lucy TEMPLE-33442, Caswell TEMPLE-31154, Raymond TEMPLE-17117, Simon P. TEMPLE-33443, Sarah A. TEMPLE-33445, Mary (Polly) TEMPLE-17119, John Isham (Isham) TEMPLE(S)-17118, Axey (Axey) (Mary) TEMPLE-17149, Daniel TEMPLE-33444, Moore TEMPLE(S)-31114.

Muriel F. WELLINGTON102241 was born on 17 September 1900 in Hartland, Somerset, ME.44619,45515,102244,133651,133652 Gave her age as 27 in 1930. Cemetery records say 1902, which is probably the same reason her obituary said 1902, though the latter gave 15 Sep. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Palmyra, Somerset, ME.45515 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Palmyra, Somerset, ME.102244 Muriel died on 26 December 1955 at the age of 55 in Palmyra, Somerset, ME.44619,133651,133653 Died suddenly of undisclosed causes while visiting the home of Mr. and Mrs. Anson Knowlton, presently of unknown relationship. Buried in Village Cemetery, Palmyra, ME. Parents: E. Lynwood WELLINGTON-38137 and Mildred VARNUM-38138.

Spouse: Howard Whitney (Horseshoe) TEMPLE-3534. Muriel F. WELLINGTON and Howard Whitney (Horseshoe) TEMPLE were married on 16 January 1924 in Palmyra, Somerset, ME.4396,44619,102241 She claimed to be 21 when married. Children were: Royce Edward (Royce) TEMPLE-3578, TEMPLE-38139.

Polly WELLINGTON49206 was born in 1792 in MA.49207 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.49207

Spouse: David KENDALL-32061. Polly WELLINGTON and David KENDALL were married on 2 April 1812 in Boylston, Worcester, MA.13934,49206 Children were: Elizabeth Temple KENDALL-32063, Mary KENDALL-32060.

Walter WELLINGTON was born in 1824 in Lexington, Middlesex, MA.4544

Spouse: Hannah Maria PARKER-8131. Hannah Maria PARKER and Walter WELLINGTON were married in 1852 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.4544

William WELLINGTON22539 was born in 1818 in England, United Kingdom.116690 He was a peddler.23

Spouse: Nancy Maria TEMPLE-2058. Nancy Maria TEMPLE and William WELLINGTON were married on 15 April 1841 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.116690 Children were: Charles Albert WELLINGTON-35864.

Betty Beryl WELLIVER8684 was born on 9 September 1927 in Hemlock Twp., Columbia, PA.89807 She died on 13 September 2011 at the age of 84 in Danville, Montour, PA.89807 Buried in Canby Cemetery, Millertown, PA. She had two daughters, Joanne and Donna, but there was no way to tell from her obituary whether they were surnamed Sommers or Temple. Parents: Russell WELLIVER-80448 and Rachel STAUFFER-80449.

Spouse: SOMMERS-80451. Children were: Larry SOMMERS-80456.

Spouse: Ralph Martin (Pete) TEMPLE-22879. Betty Beryl WELLIVER and Ralph Martin (Pete) TEMPLE were married on 6 April 1947 in Madison Twp., Columbia, PA.9549 Children were: Gerald TEMPLE-80450, Martin TEMPLE-80452, David TEMPLE-80453, Ralph Martin TEMPLE Jr.-80454.

Russell WELLIVER (private).

Spouse: Rachel STAUFFER-80449. Children were: Betty Beryl WELLIVER-22884.

WELLMAN was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Emma E. STEINKE-42786. Emma E. STEINKE and WELLMAN were married about 1920.75269

WELLMAN was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Geneva Ann MORRISON-169335. Geneva Ann MORRISON and WELLMAN were married before November 1952.7838

Clyde WELLMAN (private).

Spouse: Margaret EDWARDS-95817. Children were: Mary Jane WELLMAN-62079.

Mary Jane WELLMAN148 was born in 1919 in NE.86683 She lived in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in 1935.86683 She lived in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in 1945.54335 Mary died. She may be SSDI's MAry Luster (15 Nov 1918-Nov 1974) who d Inglewood, CA. Parents: Clyde WELLMAN-95816 and Margaret EDWARDS-95817.

Spouse: Charles Columbus TEMPLE Jr.-61041. Mary Jane WELLMAN and Charles Columbus TEMPLE Jr. were married on 10 August 1935 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.86683 They86683 were divorced before October 1940. Children were: ATC Charles Christopher (Charles) TEMPLE III-62078, Donna Mae TEMPLE-62086, Paul Earl TEMPLE-62087.

Spouse: Riley Frank LUSTER-91700. Mary Jane WELLMAN and Riley Frank LUSTER were married on 16 September 1945 in Las Vegas, Clark, NV.54335

WELLS was stillborn on 14 June 1902 in Hillsborough, Hillsborough, NH.133654 Parents: Fred B. WELLS-19447 and Fannie Estelle TEMPLE-6206.

WELLS84654 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Betty Francis TEMPLE-60582. Betty Francis TEMPLE and WELLS were married before June 1952.84654

WELLS (private).

Spouse: Harriett -103870. Children were: Harriett E. (Hattie) WELLS-32911.

WELLS1451 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Leota TEMPLE-184763. Leota TEMPLE and WELLS were married before 1958.

WELLS43982 died before December 1966.

Spouse: Ruth HOFER-112991. Ruth HOFER and WELLS were married about 1956.

Albert WELLS was born in 1889 in Thakenham, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom.122943 He lived in London, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada in 1923.122943 Parents: George WELLS-150697 and UNKNOWN-150698.

Spouse: Sarah Storer TEMPLE-150693. Sarah Storer TEMPLE and Albert WELLS were married on 2 July 1923 in London, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada.122943

Alfred WELLS59216 died.

Spouse: Samantha MOFFITT-117536. Samantha MOFFITT and Alfred WELLS were married before 1860. Children were: Roxana M. (Roxa) WELLS-44516.

Alfred A. WELLS was born in 1929.95672

Spouse: Florence L. TEMPLE-146769.