Anita Valoise (Anita) TEMPLE (private).76748 Parents: Charles Franklin (Charles) TEMPLE Jr.-18471 and Nona Valaise (Nona) WALDEN-18491.

Spouse: Hollis A. THOMAS-63583.

Anke Maren Thea TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Bruno Heinz JACHMANN-172117.

Anlece (Ann L.) TEMPLE was born on 8 September 1927 in Ingalls, Bradley, AR.36836,41907,54867,76749 Gave Oct 1926 in 1930. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Eagle, Bradley, AR.54867 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Eagle, Bradley, AR.36836 Anlece died on 2 November 2006 at the age of 79 in Wilmar, Drew, AR.76749 Buried in Union Hill Cemetery, Hermitage, AR. Parents: Romaltus Levi (Lee) TEMPLE-39690 and Nannie Lee MILLER-88520.

Spouse: HOPKINS-103246. Anlece (Ann L.) TEMPLE and HOPKINS were married after 1940.

Spouse: MC GUIRE-88530.

Ann TEMPLE (private). Parents: Thomas TEMPLE-4457 and Luraney (Fannie) MC DANIEL-4503.

Spouse: Colonel John KOEN-19640. Children were: Betsy KOEN-19690, Polly KOEN-19691, Fanny KOEN-19692, Sarah KOEN-19689.

Ann TEMPLE (private). Parents: William TEMPLE-4450 and Susanna HILL-4513.

Ann TEMPLE25320,39597 was born (date unknown). Parents: William TEMPLE-26230 and Catherine HILTS-26231.

Spouse: William CUSICK-44314. Ann TEMPLE and William CUSICK were married on 7 November 1835 in Ontario Co., Ontario, Canada.8010

Ann TEMPLE (private). Parents: Colonel Benjamin TEMPLE-4452 and Mary Brooke (Molly) BAYLOR-4509.

Spouse: Dr. William GWATHMEY-34871.

Ann TEMPLE (private). Parents: Dr. John-Peter TEMPLE-64648 and Joan -64654.

Ann TEMPLE (private).48785 Parents: Albert Turrentine TEMPLE-41317 and Frances Pauline LAWWELL-69782.

Spouse: Ken SCHROEDER-74140. Children were: Ava Temple SCHROEDER-74141.

Ann TEMPLE (private).27325 Parents: Christopher L. TEMPLE-78470 and Frieda DIANA-78471.

Spouse: Drew SANTACROCE-78479.

Ann TEMPLE76750 died.76750 No dates, on a marker with Roberta, Robert and Ann. Buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Peru, IN. Parents: Robert Carl (Robert) TEMPLE-56648 and Rubie Marie (Ruby) SEE-56651.

Ann TEMPLE (private).16512 Parents: Floyd Olland TEMPLE-41404 and Beverly BROOKS-82998.

Spouse: Bobby CLARK-83002.

Ann TEMPLE37769 was born in IN.

Spouse: Elias HAMMERTON-128694. Ann TEMPLE and Elias HAMMERTON were married on 14 June 1841 in Jasper Co., IN.37769

Ann TEMPLE (private). Parents: Elias TEMPLE-129705.

Ann TEMPLE76751 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: BERKHEIMER-141837. Ann TEMPLE and BERKHEIMER were married before 1846 in PA. Children were: George BERKHEIMER-141838.

Ann TEMPLE was born in England, United Kingdom.37770

Spouse: John HAMMERTON-128695. Ann TEMPLE and John HAMMERTON were married before 1843 in England, United Kingdom.37770,37771 Children were: Mary HAMMERTON-177004, Elias HAMMERTON-128694, Fannie HAMMERTON-145153, Annie HAMMERTON-177005.

Ann TEMPLE was born (date unknown). She must be in some way related to Benjamin Luther Temple, who married in San Antonio 8 years after she. My suspicion is that she is either an elder sister, or an elder sister-in-law, with the former more likely, though no daughter for John E. and Mary (Hicks) Temples is known.

Spouse: Andrew KEIFF-148732. Ann TEMPLE and Andrew KEIFF were married on 16 June 1869 in Bexar Co., TX.46012,46013 License number 3280.

Ann TEMPLE (private).10424 Parents: Allan TEMPLE-154113 and Elizabeth BAKER-154114.

Spouse: Tom HOSKINS-154121.

Ann TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Carroll ALLEN-155650. Children were: Jane ALLEN-155652.

Ann TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Amir FIGUEIRADO-175235.

Ann TEMPLE was born in England, United Kingdom.42810

Spouse: William H. HUFTON-177014. Ann TEMPLE and William H. HUFTON were married before 1857. Children were: George Henry HUFTON-177015.

Ann TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Irvin G. DAVIS-177416.

Ann TEMPLE died on 2 June 1823 in Sparta, Hancock, GA.76752 Buried in Sparta Cemetery, Sparta, GA. Temple may not be her maiden name.

Ann TEMPLE died on 5 June 1928 in Waseca Co., MN.76753 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Ann TEMPLE died on 6 March 1987 in West Roxbury, Suffolk, MA.76754 Buried in Shara Tfilo Cemetery, West Roxbury, MA.

Ann TEMPLE76755 was born before 1670 in England, United Kingdom. She immigrated in 1674 to MD.76755

Ann TEMPLE was born about 1702 in Warwick Swamp, Charles, VA.71855 She died about 1796 at the age of 94.71855 Some sources identify Ann Temple, wife of Thomas Leath, as the sister of Samuel Temple, who married Elizabeth Leath. Parents: William TEMPLE-9823 and Rebecca TATUM-9824.

Spouse: Thomas LEATH-9890. Ann TEMPLE and Thomas LEATH were married about 1730.2714

Ann TEMPLE30366,76756 was born about 1726 in VA.76757 She died on 7 May 1754 at the age of 28 in King and Queen Co., VA.32084,32085,32086 The Arnold Genealogy gave Spotsylvania County. Name also given as Nancy.

Parents: Colonel Joseph TEMPLE-4447 and Anne ARNOLD-16128.

Spouse: Captain William FLEET-16927. Ann TEMPLE and Captain William FLEET were married in 1744 in King and Queen Co., VA.32086,32087 Children were: Ann FLEET-30027.

Ann TEMPLE329 was born about 1758 in Queen Anne's Co., MD. She died in 1795/6 at the age of 38 in Murderkill Hundred, Kent, DE.329 Died between 8 Jun 1795 and May 1796. Parents: George TEMPLE-27472 and Mary LEE-27473.

Spouse: Thomas STEDHAM-27482. Ann TEMPLE and Thomas STEDHAM were married about 1777 in Murderkill Hundred, Kent, DE.329 Children were: Emory STEDHAM-27483, Ann STEDHAM-27484, Mary (Polly) STEDHAM-27485, George STEDHAM-27486, Charles STEDHAM-27487.

Ann TEMPLE20780 was born on 4 October 1763 in Caroline Co., VA.20783 She died on 11 January 1791 at the age of 27.20783 Parents: Col. Samuel Francis TEMPLE-4453 and Frances (Fannie) REDD-4500.

Spouse: Henry COCKE-9687.

Spouse: William THRESHLEY-35612. Children were: Ann Temple THRESHLEY-35613.

Ann TEMPLE76758 was born about 1779 in Pasquotank Co., NC. Date estimated. She lived in Boush Green, King and Queen, VA before 1826.76759 She died. Parents: Joseph TEMPLE-4521 and Sarah SNOWDEN-26188.

Spouse: Abel SPENCE-19644. Ann TEMPLE and Abel SPENCE were married before 1795.1890 Mentioned in the 1795 will of her father Joseph Temple as having married Spence.

Spouse: Thacker MUIRE-25811. Ann TEMPLE and Thacker MUIRE were married on 12 January 1826 in King and Queen Co., VA.56452

Ann TEMPLE76760 was born about 1790.1886 Parents: Thomas TEMPLE-4533 and Wilmath DOTY-5193.

Spouse: Amos HARVEY-16198. Ann TEMPLE and Amos HARVEY were married on 31 August 1808 in West Chester, Chester, PA.38916 Children were: Thirza J. HARVEY-5462.

Ann TEMPLE51790 was born on 24 March 1796 in North Huntingdon, Westmoreland, PA.67332 Possibly married into the GIBSON family. Parents: John TEMPLE-26029 and Elizabeth MARSHALL-4595.

Spouse: GIBSON-32882.

Ann TEMPLE10243 was born about 1800 in Queen Anne's Co., MD. She died in 1822 at the age of 22 in Queen Anne's Co., MD.58987,76761 Died as a result of a horseback riding accident. Parents: Joshua TEMPLE-27470 and Ann WILSON-27471.

Spouse: Eli Stephen PARDEE-27519. Ann TEMPLE and Eli Stephen PARDEE were married on 23 January 1821 in Templeville, Caroline, MD.58987,58990

Ann TEMPLE76762 was born on 10 May 1811 in Port Brandywine, York, PA.8603 Parents: John TEMPLE-5195 and Rebecca TAYLOR-5390.

Ann TEMPLE was born in 1814 in Ireland.76763 She appeared in the census in June 1865 in Brighton, Monroe, NY.76763 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Ann TEMPLE64937 was born in 1825. She died on 28 May 1907 at the age of 82 in Madison Co., KY. Buried in Ross Cemetery, Round Hill, KY.

Spouse: David P. ROSS-157503. Ann TEMPLE and David P. ROSS were married. Children were: Malinda ROSS-157504.

Ann TEMPLE76764 was born in 1826 in DE.8099,8101 She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI.8099 She lived in Kansas City, Jackson, MO.76764 Ann died. Parents: Samuel TEMPLE-5201 and Hester (Hettie) JOHNSON-5460.

Spouse: William P. ALCOTT-23995. Children were: George P. ALCOTT-29619, Clemmons Temple ALCOTT-29620, Adolpha (Adah) ALCOTT-29621, Ellwood H. ALCOTT-29622, Anna Mary ALCOTT-29623, Carrie D. ALCOTT-29624, Lilla Mary ALCOTT-29625, May A. ALCOTT-29626, Sarah Emma ALCOTT-29627.

Ann TEMPLE was born in 1832 in PA.3014,75459 She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.3014,75459 Parents: Alexander B. TEMPLE-129887 and UNKNOWN-141881.

Ann TEMPLE was born in 1838 in NC.76765 In November 1860 she was a domestic in Catawba Co., NC.76765 Enumerated in the household of John and Sarah Ritchie, of no known relationship. She has reference number RLT # (None).58038

Ann TEMPLE41956 was born in January 1844 in Bedford Co., TN.22594 She appeared in the census in 1850 in Bedford Co., TN.70464 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Bedford Co., TN.22594 Enumerated with her son Robert staying with her sister, Helen Usrey. Ann died. Her parents were from NC (father) and VA (mother). By 1900, she had had 5 children, all of whom survived. Parents: Robert Henry TEMPLE Sr.-35334 and Martha STEPHENS-35335.

Spouse: Bob TRAIL-89317. Ann TEMPLE and Bob TRAIL were married before 1871 in TN. Children were: Bobbie L. TRAIL-91494, Nannie TRAIL-89318, Robert TRAIL-89319.

Ann TEMPLE was born in 1844 in TN.76766 In July 1860 she was a seamstress in Jackson Co., TN.76766 Enumerated in the household of James and Martha Tinsley, of no known relationship. They may be related to Tabitha Tinsley, who married Jessee Temple and resided in Hickman Co., TN. She might be the daughter of Robert H. and Martha (Stephens) Temple.

Ann TEMPLE was born in 1847 in Ireland.76767 She immigrated before 1870.76767 In July 1870 she was a domestic servant in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.76767

Ann TEMPLE was born in 1849.76768 She appeared in the census in June 1905 in Albany, Albany, NY.76768 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Ann TEMPLE was born in 1850 in IL.39200 She appeared in the census in September 1860 in Griggsville, Pike, IL.39200 She may have married F.P. Woods. Parents: James TEMPLE-91066 and Sarah HAWKER-91067.

Ann TEMPLE was born in 1851 in MO.5797 She appeared in the census in July 1860 in Calvey, Franklin, MO.5797 Parents: John TEMPLE-132725 and May -132726.

Ann TEMPLE was born in 1855 in England, United Kingdom.76769 She immigrated on 13 June 1869 to Quebec City, Quebec, Quebec, Canada.76769 Arrived aboard the SS Prussian from Liverpool as part of one of two large groups on this ship, either belonging to Hon. F. Hobart's or Miss Logan's party.

Ann TEMPLE was born in 1861 in DE.76770 She appeared in the census in 1870 in Kenton, Kent, DE.76770 Parents: Emory TEMPLE-47317 and Margaretta (Margaret) WILDS-47318.

Ann TEMPLE was born in 1867 in TN.2165 She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Dyer Co., TN.2165 Parents: Sam TEMPLE-141056 and Ella -141057.

Ann TEMPLE was born in 1868 in PA.12423,12424 She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Snyder Twp., Jefferson, PA.12424 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Sterling Twp., Clearfield, PA.12423 Ann died. Parents: Patrick TEMPLE-93360 and Margery BEIGHLEY-93361.