Katharina Elizabeth TEMPEL was born on 20 March 1909 in Winterlingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.61384 She immigrated on 14 June 1928 to New York City, New York, NY.40305

Spouse: William KURZ-161427. Katharina Elizabeth TEMPEL and William KURZ were married on 25 January 1933 in New Rochelle, Westchester, NY.40305

Katherina TEMPEL was born in 1840.61385 She died on 6 March 1895 at the age of 55 in Chicago, Cook, IL.61385 Buried in Saint Boniface Cemetery, Chicago, IL. Tempel may not be her maiden name.

Katherine TEMPEL was born on 17 October 1867 in Germany.30093 She died on 3 June 1941 at the age of 73 in Chicago, Cook, IL.30093 Buried in Saint Mary Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleum, Evergreen Park, IL. Parents: John TEMPEL-160400 and Barbara OTT-160401.

Spouse: John GOETZ-160402. Katherine TEMPEL and John GOETZ were married in 1890 in Chicago, Cook, IL.30095 Marriage license issued 1 Oct 1890. Children were: John GOETZ-160403, Joseph GOETZ-160404, Andrew G. GOETZ-160405, Louis Eugene GOETZ-160406.

Katherine TEMPEL was born in September 1874.61386 She died in 1943 at the age of 69 in Ridgewood, Queens, NY.61386 Buried in Linden Hill Methodist Cemetery, Ridgewood, NY.

Spouse: REINHEIMER-136652. Children were: George REINHEIMER-136653, Elsie REINHEIMER-136654.

Katherine TEMPEL1796 was born on 19 April 1902 in Bad Durkheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.1796,34987 She immigrated in 1922.34987 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Valley, Nassau, NY.34987 Katherine died in March 1983 at the age of 80.61387 Parents: Heinrich TEMPEL-135642 and Elisabeth -135643.

Spouse: Richard HOERZ Sr.-135646. Katherine TEMPEL and Richard HOERZ Sr. were married in 1927 in NY.34987 Children were: Katherine E. HOERZ-135647, Rchard HOERZ Jr.-135648.

Spouse: LIEN-159744.

Katherine TEMPEL was born in 1903 in Russia.38540 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Bennett Co., SD.38540 Her parents were both from Russia.

Spouse: John KAMERZELL-159432. Katherine TEMPEL and John KAMERZELL were married. Children were: Phyllis Marie KAMERZELL-159433, Marion KAMERZELL-159434, Lavonne Mae KAMERZELL-159435, Lucille KAMERZELL-159436, Irvin KAMERZELL-159437.

Katherine Allison TEMPEL (private). Parents: Andrew John TEMPEL-78354 and UNKNOWN-78359.

Katherine C. (Katie) TEMPEL was born on 27 March 1908 in Berlin, Germany.700,61388 She immigrated in 1913.700 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Burlington, Des Moines, IA.700 Katherine died in March 1989 at the age of 81.61388 Parents: Richard Henry TEMPEL-135706 and Emilie ANHALT-135707.

Spouse: TRUMBO-138153. Children were: Robert TRUMBO-138154.

Katherine Elaine TEMPEL (private). Parents: William Forrest TEMPEL-82245 and Sarah Elizabeth FALL-82246.

Katherine J. TEMPEL was born on 10 October 1907 in IL.38601,41518,41519,56967 Gave 1911 in 1920, but gave the same age as her sister Margareta in 1910, which might be an enumerator error, but she was indeed in the 1910 census. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Chicago, Cook, IL.41519 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Chicago, Cook, IL.41518 In April 1930 Katherine was a railway clerk in Chicago, Cook, IL.38601 She died on 24 March 1977 at the age of 69 in Chicago, Cook, IL.56967 Parents: John TEMPEL-72681 and Anna R. LETZKOWSKI-72682.

Spouse: Thomas ZUKAUSKIS-72698. Katherine J. TEMPEL and Thomas ZUKAUSKIS were married.

Katherine M. TEMPEL was born on 19 May 1939 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.58523,61389 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.58523 She died on 17 February 2012 at the age of 72 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.61389 Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH, Plot: Garden LN, Section 128, Lot 34, Space 7. Parents: Frederick M. (Fred) TEMPEL Sr.-124194 and Mamie SPATZ-124195.

Spouse: SMITH-160920. Children were: David SMITH-160921.

Spouse: Robert SMULLEN-160918. Children were: Toni Lynn SMULLEN-160919.

Kathie Jean TEMPEL (private).8256

Spouse: Roger Brent DAVIS-136419.

Kathleen TEMPEL (private).55565 Parents: Oswald Gus TEMPEL-72312 and Katherine SCHIEGE-72313.

Kathleen E. (Kathy) TEMPEL (private).14019 Parents: Albert Leopold TEMPEL-47092 and Bertha Ann CRAWFORD-47128.

Spouse: Oliver E. GEEN-82446.

Kathleen Marie (Kat) TEMPEL was born on 23 January 1953 in Huntingburg, Dubois, IN.25092,40760,61390 She lived 401 Mary Street in Evansville, Vanderburgh, IN in 1974.25092 In 1974 she was a registered nurse.25092 Kathleen lived in Evansville, Vanderburgh, IN before 1999.40760 She moved in 1999 in Jasper, Dubois, IN.40760 She died on 4 February 2010 at the age of 57 in Indianapolis, Marion, IN.40760,61390 Buried iin St. Joseph Cemetery in Dale, IM. Parents: William Leander (Lee) TEMPEL Jr.-72860 and Edna Sophia LANGE-77611.

Spouse: Joseph Byron EARLY-106570.

Spouse: COLEY-77630. Children were: Ben COLEY-77631, Mariah COLEY-77632.

Kathrin TEMPEL (private).

Spouse: Tomas Acevedo CHAVEZ-146808.

Kathrina TEMPEL was born in June 1884 in IN.61391 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Ferdinand, Dubois, IN.61391 Enumerated as the niece of John and Scholastia (Olinger) Garber. Her parents were both from IN. She was possibly the daughter of John Adam and Mary (Pfaff) Temple based on location and timing. This association requires some proof, however, as she might equally well be the daughter of John Adam's brother John Chrysotuom Temple..

Kathryn Darlene TEMPEL (private).

Spouse: William Douglas RANSDELL-136360. Children were: Jascon Scott RANSDELL-136495, Jason Todd RANSDELL-136361, Misha Dawn RANSDELL-136362.

Kathryn E. TEMPEL (private).3142 Parents: Graham Havis TEMPEL Sr.-35313 and Helen J. -53539.

Kathy L. TEMPEL (private).26983

Spouse: John FIELDS-136427.

Kathy Marie TEMPEL was born on 27 September 1959 in Urbana, Champaign, IL.61392,61393 She died on 30 March 2007 at the age of 47 in Ivesdale, Champaign, IL.61392 Buried in Saint Josephs Cemetery, Ivesdale, IN. Parents: Richard Joseph TEMPEL-48239 and Ethel Elaine (Elaine) GAITHER-72802.

Spouse: Johnny Lee HARPER-72810. Children were: John Daniel HARPER-75769, Stephen Gregory HARPER-75770.

Katie TEMPEL (private). Parents: Joseph A. TEMPEL-72697 and Margaret W. MILLER-78599.

Kay TEMPEL (private).2300 Parents: Otto H. TEMPEL-70986 and Laura KAUFMAN-96397.

Keith TEMPEL (private).2512 Parents: Bruce Alan TEMPEL-82689 and Joan KORANDA-84893.

Spouse: Stacy -93713. Children were: Jesse TEMPEL-93714, Jacob TEMPEL-93715.

Keith G. TEMPEL (private).3635 Parents: Albert Edward (Albert) TEMPEL-71427 and Louise Wood HURT-71436.

Spouse: Judith Colleen -82620. Children were: Vince TEMPEL-82621, Kevin TEMPEL-82626.

Kelley Ann TEMPEL (private).40605 Parents: George H. TEMPEL-71510 and Georgette Lee LAND-71513.

Kendall Gerald TEMPEL (private).61394

Kenneth Lee TEMPEL Jr. was born on 5 August 1927.61395 He served in the military in 1946/7.61396 Enlisted in the Navy. As a S2C, received aboard the USS Nevada (BB36) on 27 Feb 1946. As a S1C, transferred to the USS Cortland for further transport to CBCP on 29 Aug 1946. On 27 Dec 1946, he was aboard the USS Springfield. He remained aboard until 29 Sep 1947, when he was transferred to the Receiving Station, San Francisco, CA, for separation. Service # 301-62-24. He died on 15 December 1987 at the age of 60 in Freeport, Stephenson, IL.61395 Buried in Chapel Hill Cemetery, Freeport, IL. Kenneth held the title of Jr.. His birth date and locastion are close to those of Kenneth L. Temple, son of Wesley Benjamin and Louella (Rademaker) Temple.

Spouse: Marilyn J. -141646.

Kenneth Raymond (Kenny) TEMPEL was born on 22 September 1925 in Alma, Hill, MT.34263,34265,61397,61398 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Tingdahl, Liberty, MT.34263 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Tingdahl, Liberty, MT.34265 Kenneth served in the military between 1951 and 1953.3958,61397 Served as a corporal in the Army in Korea, dates approximate. Units unknown. He lived in Chester, Liberty, MT in 2001.29790 He died on 21 April 2002 at the age of 76 in Chester, Liberty, MT.61397,61399 Buried in Chester Cemetery, Chester, MT. Parents: Gustave (Gus) TEMPEL-71022 and Louise Christine HEYEN-71023.

Spouse: Lillian -91550. Children were: Donna TEMPEL-91551, Doris TEMPEL-91552, Sally TEMPEL-91553, Janet TEMPEL-91554, Leslie TEMPEL-91555, Karen TEMPEL-91561.

Kevin TEMPEL (private).3635 Parents: Keith G. TEMPEL-71459 and Judith Colleen -82620.

Kevin TEMPEL (private).50223 Parents: Robert Frank TEMPEL-90518 and Barbara Eileen PAUL-90523.

Spouse: Loretta -90529.

Kevin TEMPEL (private).61400

Spouse: Kathryn PHILLIPS-137548.

Kevin Jay TEMPEL (private).61401

Spouse: Jennifer JONES-151337.

Kevin Joseph TEMPEL (private).50255 Parents: William Leander (Bill) TEMPEL III-77618 and Angela Faye (Angela) PAYNE-77625.

Kevin L. TEMPEL (private).7220

Spouse: Theresa A. HAVENS-136539.

Kevin Lee TEMPEL (private).54724 Parents: Linus Albert (Linus) TEMPEL-57019 and Gertrude Marie WATSON-71209.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-106580.

Spouse: Rheta Dianne HEPLER-106579.

Kevin Lee TEMPEL (private). Parents: Lyle Martin TEMPEL Sr.-73662 and Margaret Ann ROSEMAN-73663.

Spouse: Karen Jean KUNSTMAN-75440. Children were: Melissa Kay (Missy) TEMPEL-75441, Kristen Rene (Kristi) TEMPEL-75447.

Kevin Scott TEMPEL was born on 16 November 1987 in Lodi, San Joaquin, CA.61402 He died on 17 November 1987 at the age of 0 in Lodi, San Joaquin, CA.61402 Buried in Cherokee Memorial Park, Lodi, CA, Plot: Garden of Roses. Parents: TEMPEL-157496 and UNKNOWN-157497.

Kimberly TEMPEL (private).50223 Parents: Robert Frank TEMPEL-90518 and Barbara Eileen PAUL-90523.

Spouse: Marc BEDARD-90530.

Kimberly A. TEMPEL (private).7220

Spouse: John J. MARYNAK-136556.

Kimberly Ann TEMPEL (private). Parents: John Keith (Keith) TEMPEL-79886 and Marguerite A. -79891.

Spouse: Garry L. MILLER-94497.

Spouse: Felipe Albert Alvarado FUENTES-94498.

Kimberly Ann TEMPEL (private).61403 Parents: James C. (Jim/Jimmie) TEMPEL-106554 and Barbara J. BROWN-106557.

Spouse: Chris Allen BARKER-106558.

Kimberly Joan TEMPEL (private).59730 Parents: Donald Charles TEMPEL-83972 and Joan Harriet STROBECK-83978.

Spouse: Randy Robert HILDRETH-83974. Children were: Tyler James HILDRETH-83975, Cody Lee HILDRETH-83976, Travis Shawn HILDRETH-83977.

Spouse: Jose L. CASTANO-83980.

Kimberly S. TEMPEL was born on 30 December 1971.8463 She lived in IA in 1977.8463 She died on 21 September 2003 at the age of 31 in Kamrar, Hamilton, IA.8463 Tempel may not be her maiden name.

Konrad George (Conrad) TEMPEL9586 was born on 22 September 1793 in Washington Co., MD.27152,61404,61405 Cemetery records give his birth date as 27 Apr 1794, which varies from church records. The discrepancy is not clear. His grandson Henry, informing his son George's death certificate, said Conrad was born in Lorschbach, Nassau, Germany. He was baptized on 18 November 1793 in Washington Co., MD.61405 He appeared in the census in 1840 in Clark Co., IN.61404 The 1840 census credits him with one son under 5 years, one son between 10 and 15 years, two sons between 15 and 20 years, as well as a daughter under 5 years, one between 5 and 10 years, and a third between 15 and 20 years. In November 1850 Konrad was a farmer in Wood Twp., Clark, IN.1184 Although he gave a consistent age, he claimed to have been born in Germany. He died on 26 October 1875 at the age of 82 in Washington Co., IN.27152 Buried in Emmanuel Cemetery, Washington Co., IN. Readings of his grave marker vary, and some put the last digit as a 5, while others put it as a 3. Church records in Maryland may indicate a problem with his identification. his grandson, henry, said that his son George and Conrad, as well as George's mother Catherine, were from Lorschbach, Nassau, Germany, but this is at odds with the location for his baptism shortly after birth in Maryland. It may be that the baptism records are for someone else. If so, then the identification of his parents as Conrad and Maria (Balt) Temple also belong to the other Conrad Temple. Parents: Conrad TEMPLE-28753 and Maria Margreth BALT-26026.

Spouse: Catharine -38383. Catharine and Konrad George (Conrad) TEMPEL were married about 1823. Children were: Franklin J. (Franz) TEMPEL-25168, Catharine TEMPLE-38386, Peter TEMPLE-28728, Elizabeth TEMPLE-38387, George TEMPLE-38388, Frances TEMPLE-38389.

Spouse: Julia Anna (Julianna) RACE-59711. Julia Anna (Julianna) RACE and Konrad George (Conrad) TEMPEL were married on 10 December 1851 in Jeffersonville, Clark, IN.52349

Kristen Brooke (Kristi) TEMPEL1202 was born on 5 May 1977 in Urbana, Champaign, IL. She was a Registered nurse Carle Surgicenter. Parents: Charles Eugene (Chuck) TEMPEL-73652 and Vicki Lynn MICHAEL-95353.

Spouse: Clint Stephen GARRETSON-95357. Kristen Brooke (Kristi) TEMPEL and Clint Stephen GARRETSON were married on 30 June 1 in St. Joseph, Champaign, IL. St. John's Lutheran Church Children were: Alexis Lynn GARRETSON-95358, Brooke Marie GARRETSON-95361, Paige GARRETSON-95373.

Kristen Rene (Kristi) TEMPEL (private). Parents: Kevin Lee TEMPEL-75439 and Karen Jean KUNSTMAN-75440.

Kristie TEMPEL (private).50223 Parents: Robert Frank TEMPEL-90518 and Barbara Eileen PAUL-90523.

Spouse: Aron BRISKE-90531.

Kristin TEMPEL (private).8673

Spouse: Jason OSBAHR-152389.

Kristin Ann TEMPEL (private).

Spouse: Brian James KENSY-149778.