Nora TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Eldon E. TEMPLE-154387.

Obie TAYLOR64028 was born in 1919 in TX.63981 Parents: James Thomas (Tom) TAYLOR-150513 and Ferby TEMPLE-150512.

Octavia TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Charlie TEMPLE-161654. Children were: Eliza E. TEMPLE-120037.

Okay TAYLOR was born in 1905 in TX.64034 Parents: James Thomas (Tom) TAYLOR-150513 and Ferby TEMPLE-150512.

Ola T. TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: John Raney MORRISON-67670. Children were: Olga Bell MORRISON-26399.

Olivia TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Thomas L. GUNTER-69718. Children were: Levi GUNTER-21319.

Ora M. TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: James K. RUNNINGS-159666. Children were: Fern Pauline RUNNINGS-159665.

Orville Reeves TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Hattye E. HARRIS-63886. Children were: Kathryn TAYLOR-63884.

P.D. TAYLOR was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Belle T. TEMPLES-50339. Belle T. TEMPLES and P.D. TAYLOR were married on 1 January 1893 in Hart Co., GA.64092

Patricia TAYLOR (private). Parents: John Blain TAYLOR-105950 and Betty Jean TEMPLE-27464.

Paul Russell TAYLOR (private).64093

Spouse: Regina Lynn TEMPLE-153303.

Pearl TAYLOR was born in September 1888 in NC.2239 Parents: Jesse C. TAYLOR-122593 and UNKNOWN-144626.

Phebe TAYLOR48246 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Robert MENDENHALL-116818. Phebe TAYLOR and Robert MENDENHALL were married on 13 September 1734 in Birmingham Meeting, Chester, PA.48246

Philip J. TAYLOR (private).64094

Spouse: Phoebe L. TEMPLE-83889.

Phillip Eugene (Gene) TAYLOR19397 died before 2006.64095

Spouse: Mary Christine (Christine) TEMPLE-41839. Mary Christine (Christine) TEMPLE and Phillip Eugene (Gene) TAYLOR were married before January 1951.64096 Children were: Phyllis TAYLOR-54346.

Phyllis TAYLOR (private). Parents: Phillip Eugene (Gene) TAYLOR-41848 and Mary Christine (Christine) TEMPLE-41839.

Phyllis Ann TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Glenn Patrick TEMPLE-149304. Children were: Deitra Nicole TEMPLE-149306.

Polly TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Amos PARKER-7308. Children were: Amos PARKER-9122.

Prentiss Willard TAYLOR II was born on 17 November 1890 in Winchester, Cheshire, NH.22 He died in December 1982 at the age of 92.64097 Parents: Henry W. TAYLOR-110580 and Della A. SEAVER-110581.

Spouse: Madelon Merchant (Madeline) TEMPLE-19498. Madelon Merchant (Madeline) TEMPLE and Prentiss Willard TAYLOR II were married on 2 June 1914 in Hinsdale, Cheshire, NH.22,59405,64097 Children were: Miriam Madelon TAYLOR-38981, Ardice TAYLOR-38982.

Rebecca TAYLOR64098 was born on 12 April 1775 in Port Brandywine, York, PA. She died on 8 April 1839 at the age of 63 in Hanoverton, Columbiana, OH.

Spouse: John TEMPLE-5195. Rebecca TAYLOR and John TEMPLE were married on 20 January 1803 in West Chester, Chester, PA.64098,64099 Other sources give 20 Jan 1812/13, but this is too late, and does not agree with the birth dates of their children. Children were: Esther TEMPLE-5391, Joseph Taylor TEMPLE-5392, Mary TEMPLE-5393, Hannah Ann TEMPLE-5394, Jacob TEMPLE-5395, Ann TEMPLE-5396, Eliza TEMPLE-5397, Taylor TEMPLE-5398, Thomas TEMPLE-5399.

Rebecca TAYLOR64100 was born in 1809 in PA.20847,64101,64102,64103 Gave her age as 61 in 1870 and is on her grave marker, but she also gave as late as 1811. Buried in Fallowfield Cemetery, Coatesville, PA. She appeared in the census in September 1850 in West Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.64101 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Richland, Keokuk, IA.64102 Rebecca appeared in the census in June 1870 in Darby, Delaware, PA.20847 Enumerated with her son James. She died on 20 February 1899 at the age of 90 in Buck Run, Schuylkill, PA.14152 Buried in Fallowfield Burying Ground, Chester Co., PA. She has reference number RLT # 168W.1929 Parents: Enoch TAYLOR-39217 and Susannah NEAL-39218.

Spouse: Caleb TEMPLE-5508. Rebecca TAYLOR and Caleb TEMPLE were married on 18 November 1830 in Chester Co., PA.14785,15214,18673,64100 May have been in Delaware Co., PA. Children were: Rachel B. TEMPLE-29204, Susannah Neal (Susannah) TEMPLE-29205, Emily Russell (Emily) TEMPLE-23778, James Taylor (James) TEMPLE-23782, Edward Bettle (Edward) TEMPLE-25028, Anna Brown (Anna) TEMPLE-25029, Evangeline S. (Eva) TEMPLE-29206.

Rebecca A. TAYLOR was born in 1857 in PA.5280 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in East Brandywine, Chester, PA.5280 Living with her parents and without her husband while she was ill. She was ill with hemorrhage in June 1880 in East Brandywine, Chester, PA.5280 Rebecca died. Parents: Samuel TAYLOR-50865 and Mary A. -50866.

Spouse: Richard Gilbert (Richard) TEMPLE-39351. Rebecca A. TAYLOR and Richard Gilbert (Richard) TEMPLE were married in 1879 in PA.5280

Richard TAYLOR was born on 26 December 1739.28151

Spouse: Mary FEILD-9847. Mary FEILD and Richard TAYLOR were married about 1748.28151

Richard Smith TAYLOR was born in 1900 in Mecklenburg Co., VA.64104 Parents: Walter A. TAYLOR-98698 and Lucy RIDEOUT-98699.

Spouse: Jennie Alice TEMPLE-50136. Jennie Alice TEMPLE and Richard Smith TAYLOR were married on 11 October 1952 in Richmond, Richmond City, VA.64104

Richard Smith TAYLOR42920 was born in 1900 in VA.42921,64105 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Belfield Twp., Greensville, VA.42921 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Tuckahoe, Henrico, VA.64105 Richard died after January 1951 at the age of 51. Given as Michael in 1920, he was Richard S. in 1940 and in his wife's death certificate.

Spouse: Ellenor Daisy (Eleanor) TEMPLE-50134. Ellenor Daisy (Eleanor) TEMPLE and Richard Smith TAYLOR were married before 1920 in Belfield Twp., Greensville, VA.

Richard Squire TAYLOR11190,64106 was born about 1770 in Hanover Co., VA. He died in 1805 at the age of 35. Parents: Robert Squire TAYLOR-9677 and Ann Meade MEAUX-9678.

Spouse: Elizabeth (Betsy) TEMPLE-16477. Elizabeth (Betsy) TEMPLE and Richard Squire TAYLOR were married on 23 December 1789 in King William Co., VA.9125,64107 Children were: Dr. John R. TAYLOR-17575.

Robert TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Julia F. HARRIS-65401. Children were: Catherine A. (Katie) TAYLOR-2733.

Robert TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Jennie G. WHITECRAFT-101823. Children were: Jennie Myrtle (Myrtle) TAYLOR-74190.

Robert TAYLOR was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary TEMPLE-150338. Mary TEMPLE and Robert TAYLOR were married on 13 September 1943 in Oklahoma Co., OK.64108

Robert TAYLOR was born in 1911 in TX.63981 Parents: James Thomas (Tom) TAYLOR-150513 and Ferby TEMPLE-150512.

Robert Clayton TAYLOR64109 was born in 1916 in Brunswick Co., VA.14206 Parents: William Ernest TAYLOR Sr.-22580 and Mary Edmund (Edna) TEMPLE-22568.

Spouse: Margaret Evangelene BRACEY-100509. Margaret Evangelene BRACEY and Robert Clayton TAYLOR were married on 1 June 1937 in White Plains, Brunswick, VA.14206 They were second cousins, once removed. Their common ancestor was William Henry Temple.

Robert Dwayne TAYLOR (private).64110

Spouse: Shirley Lee TEMPLE-81207.

Robert E. TAYLOR (private).64111

Spouse: Jackie Lavelle TEMPLE-18475.

Robert H. TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Fannie G. GRAHAM-161457. Children were: Edna Pearl TAYLOR-161455.

Robert Michael TAYLOR (private). Parents: Nathan TAYLOR-88399 and Jeannie TEMPLES-88397.

Robert Milton TAYLOR was born on 26 November 1908 in Columbus, Bartholomew, IN.64112,64113,64114 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Columbus, Bartholomew, IN.64113 He died. Parents: Robert T. TAYLOR-60536 and Bertha Ellen TEMPLE-60535.

Robert Squire TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Ann Meade MEAUX-9678. Children were: Alice TAYLOR-5302, Richard Squire TAYLOR-16478.

Robert T. TAYLOR64112 was born in 1873 in IN.64113 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Columbus, Bartholomew, IN.64113 He died after July 1943 at the age of 70. His parents were from OH (father) and IN (mother).

Spouse: Bertha Ellen TEMPLE-60535. Bertha Ellen TEMPLE and Robert T. TAYLOR were married before 1900.64115 Marriage date is assumed based on her absence in the 1900 census, and the birth date of her first child. Children were: William A. TAYLOR-60538, Robert Milton TAYLOR-60537.

Ronald Lee TAYLOR (private).64116

Spouse: Patricia Marie TEMPLE-129571. Children were: Zachary Joseph TEMPLE-129572.

Rosa L. TAYLOR48747 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lever I. MILLER-105134. Rosa L. TAYLOR and Lever I. MILLER were married before 1937. Children were: Leona MILLER-57662.

Rosalie TAYLOR (private).64117 Parents: TAYLOR-171416 and Stella ZANDERS-171411.

Ruby TAYLOR was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Melvin TEMPLE-171040. Ruby TAYLOR and Melvin TEMPLE were married in December 1936 in Craighead Co., AR.64118

Ruby Mae TAYLOR was born on 23 March 1920 in VA.28216,64119 Her marriage papers gave 22 Mar, but SSDI gave 23 Mar. She died on 24 August 1996 at the age of 76 in Mecklenburg Co., VA.64119,64120,64121 Buried in Oakwood Cemetery, South Hill, VA. Parents: Lander Meade TAYLOR-98907 and Gilburta Queen BROWN-98908.

Spouse: FERGUSON-98909. Ruby Mae TAYLOR and FERGUSON were married about 1942. They were divorced before December 1977.28216

Spouse: Phillip Earle TEMPLE-85488. Ruby Mae TAYLOR and Phillip Earle TEMPLE were married on 29 December 1977 in Brunswick Co., VA.28216 This was a second marriage for both.

Ruby Mae TAYLOR was born on 22 March 1920 in La Crosse, Mecklenburg, VA.64122 She died on 24 August 1996 at the age of 76 in Brodnax, Brunswick, VA.64119 Parents: Landon M. TAYLOR-161239 and Gilberta BROWN-161240.

Spouse: HAIRIED-161241.

Spouse: TEMPLE-161237.

Spouse: FERGUSON-161242.

Spouse: BRACEY-161243.

Ruth Elizabeth TAYLOR was born on 2 October 1924 in NC.64123,64124 She died on 12 August 2009 at the age of 84 in Clinton, Sampson, NC.64123 Buried in Pinelawn Memorial Park, Kinston, NC. Parents: Clyde TAYLOR-91517 and Stella CROOM-91518.

Spouse: Joseph Burwell TEMPLE III-41682. Ruth Elizabeth TAYLOR and Joseph Burwell TEMPLE III were married.

Samuel TAYLOR was born in 1834 in PA.5280 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in East Brandywine, Chester, PA.5280 He died.

Spouse: Mary A. -50866. Mary A. and Samuel TAYLOR were married. Children were: Rebecca A. TAYLOR-50864.

Samuel H. TAYLOR32547 died in June 1871.

Spouse: Caroline PARKER-11931. Children were: James E. TAYLOR-11937, George E. TAYLOR-11938, Charles TAYLOR-11939, Arthur TAYLOR-11940.

Sandra TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Donald Ray (Don) TEMPLE-73178.

Sarah TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: William HOBART-11343.

Sarah TAYLOR died in 1630.

Spouse: Robert LONG-12121. Sarah TAYLOR and Robert LONG were married. Children were: Elizabeth LONG-10911.