Joseph CLARY9100 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elmira TEMPLE-22207. Elmira TEMPLE and Joseph CLARY were married on 17 November 1858 in Brunswick Co., VA.12539

Spouse: Sarah C. WRIGHT-22215. Sarah C. WRIGHT and Joseph CLARY were married in 1876.

Margaret Mary (Maggie) CLARY13701 was born in 1911 in VA.18884 In April 1940 she was a cotton mill teamster in Brodnax, Brunswick, VA.18884 She died. She and her family may have been neighbors with Irving and his family, if her parents were John and Elizabeth Clary. Given as Mary Magdeline in her daughter Loretta's marriage to John Lawson.

Spouse: Irving Robert TEMPLE-22249. Margaret Mary (Maggie) CLARY and Irving Robert TEMPLE were married on 24 December 1930. Children were: Loretta Young TEMPLE-88143.

Mary J. CLARY (private).

Spouse: Lewis RYAN-13083. Children were: Margaret RYAN-13082.

Paul Denis CLARY18879 was born on 14 June 1881 in Sleepy Eye, Brown, MN.18885 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA.18885 He died on 6 November 1954 at the age of 73 in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA. Parents: Dennis George CLARY-28341 and Abigail Ann KEEGAN-28342.

Spouse: Christie TEMPLE-1818. Christie TEMPLE and Paul Denis CLARY were married on 16 January 1906 in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA.18879 Children were: Paul Dennis CLARY-28343, Raymond Francis CLARY-28344, Christie Abigail CLARY-28345, David Temple CLARY-28346.

Paul Dennis CLARY18879 was born on 1 August 1907 in Sonoma Co., CA.11174 Parents: Paul Denis CLARY-28340 and Christie TEMPLE-1818.

Raymond Francis CLARY18879 was born on 10 December 1908 in Sonoma Co., CA.11174 Parents: Paul Denis CLARY-28340 and Christie TEMPLE-1818.

Sarah CLARY (private).18886 Parents: Eugene Garland CLARY-22588 and Ethel Kathleen (Kathleen) TEMPLE-22576.

Thomas Peter CLARY Sr.18879 was born on 6 September 1883 in Sleepy Eye, Brown, MN. He died on 12 November 1946 at the age of 63 in Alameda, Alameda, CA. Parents: Dennis George CLARY-28341 and Abigail Ann KEEGAN-28342.

Spouse: Rosamond TEMPLE-1820. Rosamond TEMPLE and Thomas Peter CLARY Sr. were married on 24 May 1916 in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA.18879 Children were: Thomas Peter CLARY Jr.-104191, Jackson Temple CLARY-104192.

Thomas Peter CLARY Jr. was born on 30 April 1917 in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA.18887 He died on 13 October 2003 at the age of 86.18887 Parents: Thomas Peter CLARY Sr.-28337 and Rosamond TEMPLE-1820.

Annie L. CLASON was born on 11 March 1862 in Gardiner, Kennebec, ME.18888 She died. Parents: Pell CLASON-46089 and Sarah TEMPLE-39013.

Charles CLASON (private).

Spouse: Hannah HUDSON-46095. Children were: Pell CLASON-46089.

Oliver Barrett CLASON was born on 28 September 1850 in Gardiner, Kennebec, ME.18888 He died. Parents: Pell CLASON-46089 and Sarah TEMPLE-39013.

Pell CLASON18889 was born on 18 March 1821 in Waterbury, Washington, VT.22 He died on 7 January 1892 at the age of 70 in Gardiner, Kennebec, ME.22 Parents: Charles CLASON-46094 and Hannah HUDSON-46095.

Spouse: Sarah TEMPLE-39013. Sarah TEMPLE and Pell CLASON were married on 29 May 1849 in Moscow, Somerset, ME.22,18889 Children were: Oliver Barrett CLASON-46091, Sarah E. CLASON-46093, Pell R. CLASON-46092, Annie L. CLASON-46090.

Pell R. CLASON was born on 13 July 1855 in Gardiner, Kennebec, ME.18888 He died. Parents: Pell CLASON-46089 and Sarah TEMPLE-39013.

Sarah E. CLASON was born on 30 June 1852 in Gardiner, Kennebec, ME.18888 He died. Parents: Pell CLASON-46089 and Sarah TEMPLE-39013.

Elizabeth CLASSEN (private). Parents: Frank CLASSEN-140939 and Agnes Rose ZRNA-140940.

Spouse: TEMPEL-140937.

Frank CLASSEN18890 died before 2011.

Spouse: Agnes Rose ZRNA-140940. Agnes Rose ZRNA and Frank CLASSEN were married. Children were: Elizabeth CLASSEN-140938.

Gladys Marie CLASSEN was born on 30 October 1916 in Canton, Stark, OH.18891 She died on 31 August 1984 at the age of 67 in Bad Axe, Huron, MI.18891

Spouse: R.B. HUNTER-36222. Gladys Marie CLASSEN and R.B. HUNTER were married on 21 November 1942 in Ferndale, Oakland, MI.11355,18891 Children were: James Edward HUNTER-54972, David Allen HUNTER-54973, Donna Marie HUNTER-54974.

Antionette F. CLATION (private).18892,18893

Spouse: Henry TEMPLE Jr.-121245.

Spouse: BROWN-129591.

Betty Jane CLAUD was born on 22 November 1933 in Danville, Danville, VA.18894,18895 She lived in VA before 1951.18895 She died on 8 April 2010 at the age of 76 in Pompano Beach, Broward, FL.18894,18895 Buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Spouse: Lt. Colonel Morgan Irvine Rollins (Morgan) TEMPLE-3204. Betty Jane CLAUD and Lt. Colonel Morgan Irvine Rollins (Morgan) TEMPLE were married on 18 June 1983 in Broward Co., FL.10792,18896

Spouse: ELLIS-74365. Children were: Tom ELLIS-74366, Phil ELLIS-74367.

Fannie CLAUD (private).

Spouse: BROWN-63293. Children were: Susannah (Susan) BROWN-33489.

Mamie Marie CLAUD18897 died after 1966.

Spouse: George Elmer TEMPLE-45816. Mamie Marie CLAUD and George Elmer TEMPLE were married. Children were: Sherry Darlene TEMPLE-74769.

Harriett CLAUS (private).

Spouse: S.J. WILSON-152691. Children were: Corwin A. WILSON-152690.

CLAUSON (private).

Spouse: Mae -28419. Children were: George CLAUSON-28422, Ronnie CLAUSON-28423.

George CLAUSON (private). Parents: CLAUSON-28420 and Mae -28419.

Ronnie CLAUSON (private). Parents: CLAUSON-28420 and Mae -28419.

Malissa CLAUSSEN (private).

Spouse: C.R. SCHOONOVER-153369. Children were: H.R. SCHOONOVER-153366.

CLAWSON (private).

Spouse: Sarah Crissie (Crissey) TEMPLE-19287.

C. Lynne CLAWSON (private).

Spouse: Steven Martin DAY-79970. Children were: Travis M. DAY-79972, Jonathan R. DAY-79973.

Chris CLAWSON (private).

Spouse: Maria TEMPLE-83593.

Amy CLAXTON9992 was born (date unknown). Also given as Annie.

Spouse: Thomas TEMPLE-34143. Amy CLAXTON and Thomas TEMPLE were married about 1812. Children were: Sara (Sally) TEMPLE-34221, Lucinda TEMPLE-34163, Rachel TEMPLE-34164, John TEMPLE-34165, James TEMPLES-34374.

Charles CLAXTON (private).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-70181. Children were: Mary Ann CLAXTON-34147.

Frances Tabitha (Fannie) CLAXTON (private).

Spouse: David Griffin DERRICK-56723. Children were: Claude Lewis DERRICK-34496.

Mary Ann CLAXTON9992 was born on 14 May 1799 in SC.18898,18899 She lived in Emanuel Co., GA about 1800.18748 She appeared in the census in October 1850 in Edgefield Co., SC.18898,18899 Enumerated next to her step-son Seaborn. Mary has reference number RLT # SC6W.4542 Parents: Charles CLAXTON-34148 and UNKNOWN-70181.

Spouse: James W. TEMPLES-70179. Mary Ann CLAXTON and James W. TEMPLES were married on 15 October 1821 in Edgefield Co., SC.18898 Children were: TEMPLES-34375, TEMPLES-34376, TEMPLES-34377, Frederick TEMPLES-34149.

Ada CLAY was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mose TEMPLE-162105. Ada CLAY and Mose TEMPLE were married on 5 June 1916 in Mc Lennan Co., TX.18900

Alma CLAY died on 5 February 1998 in Springfield, Bay, FL.18901

Spouse: Johnny Broward SPIKES-126766. Alma CLAY and Johnny Broward SPIKES were married. Children were: Elouise SPIKES-126765.

Beulah CLAY was born in 1901.2475 Parents: George CLAY-9167 and Annie SHUBERT-9204.

Bonnie CLAY was born in 1897.2475 Parents: George CLAY-9167 and Annie SHUBERT-9204.

Francis CLAY (private).

Spouse: Anne -111248.

George CLAY was born in 1864.2475 Parents: U. Franklin CLAY-9166 and Adeline PARKER-9165.

Spouse: Annie SHUBERT-9204. Annie SHUBERT and George CLAY were married in 1893.2475 Children were: Verne CLAY-9205, Bonnie CLAY-9206, Beulah CLAY-9207, Theodore CLAY-9208.

Hilda CLAY was born in Netherlands.18902 She died.

Spouse: Sidney DE GRAAF-96702. Hilda CLAY and Sidney DE GRAAF were married before 1873. Children were: Nellie DE GRAAF-21604.

John CLAY10600,13562 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Louisa TEMPLE-1254. Louisa TEMPLE and John CLAY were married in 1826.18903 Intention filed at Heat on 16 Jul 1826.

Jon CLAY84 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elvira Alice HUGHITT-58108. Elvira Alice HUGHITT and Jon CLAY were married on 20 May 1883 in Hamilton Co., TX.

Kimberly Juanette CLAY (private).

Children were: Brittany Katrell TEMPLE-144956.

Lexie CLAY was born on 20 October 1914 in Meadville, Franklin, MS.18904 She died on 17 February 1991 at the age of 76.18905 Parents: Thomas H. CLAY-157926 and Elzarah E. MURRAY-157927.

Spouse: TEMPLE-157924.

Mildred CLAY12116 was born in 1890 in MI.12113 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Inkster, Wayne, MI.12113 She died.

Spouse: Frank BIRD-87024. Mildred CLAY and Frank BIRD were married. Children were: Janet E. BIRD-73425.

Theodore CLAY was born in 1904.2475 Parents: George CLAY-9167 and Annie SHUBERT-9204.

Thomas H. CLAY18904 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elzarah E. MURRAY-157927. Elzarah E. MURRAY and Thomas H. CLAY were married. Children were: Lexie CLAY-157925.

U. Franklin CLAY was born in 1838 in OH.2475

Spouse: Adeline PARKER-9165. Adeline PARKER and U. Franklin CLAY were married in 1864.18906 Children were: George CLAY-9167.

Verne CLAY was born in 1893.2475 Parents: George CLAY-9167 and Annie SHUBERT-9204.