Rezin Pugh WHITE70 was born on 7 January 1855 in Bashi, Clarke, AL. He was buried in March 1878. He died on 7 March 1878 at the age of 23. Parents: Ennis Loftin WHITE-14081 and Axeth (Axey) PUGH-14792.

Spouse: Sarah E. GILMORE-14156. Sarah E. GILMORE and Rezin Pugh WHITE were married about 1867. They were divorced before 1884. Children were: Sarah E. WHITE-15749, Mary B. WHITE-15750.

Rhoda A. WHITE22 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Albert GIBSON-36667. Rhoda A. WHITE and Albert GIBSON were married before 1864. Children were: Mary H. GIBSON-17504.

Richard R. WHITE (private).126632 Parents: WHITE-162041 and Louise TEMPLE-162040.

Rita WHITE (private). Parents: Henry Rex WHITE-18434 and Dola June (June) TEMPLE-18244.

Robert WHITE70 was born in 1761 in NC. He died in 1840 at the age of 79. He was buried in 1840. Parents: John WHITE-15650 and Kesiah -15651.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-15710. Children were: Sarah WHITE-15741, Henry C. WHITE-15660, Hiram WHITE-15661, Lucy WHITE-14109, Griffin WHITE-15662, Joseph WHITE-15664.

Spouse: Sarah DIXON-15711. Sarah DIXON and Robert WHITE were married on 14 October 1828 in Clarke Co., AL. Children were: Thomas Dixon WHITE-15663.

Robert WHITE70 was born in 1840 in Clarke Co., AL. Parents: Griffin WHITE-15662 and Caroline LIDE-15702.

Robert David WHITE70 was born on 26 November 1867 in Union Parish, LA. Parents: Wylie W. WHITE-15501 and Sarah G. BEALE-15504.

Spouse: May CUDD-15719.

Robert J. WHITE (private).105898 Parents: WHITE-162041 and Louise TEMPLE-162040.

Robert Jasper WHITE70 was born on 25 December 1884. He died on 7 March 1957 at the age of 72. Parents: Jasper Newton WHITE-58043 and Nancy Elizabeth RODGERS-58339.

Robert L. WHITE110375 was born in 1941. He died in 1992 at the age of 51. Parents: Robert Lee WHITE-103883 and Neoma Jane TEMPLE-20075.

Robert Lee WHITE110375,110376 was buried in 1914.110375 He died in 1998.110375

Spouse: Neoma Jane TEMPLE-20075. Neoma Jane TEMPLE and Robert Lee WHITE were married before July 1947.110376 Children were: Penny Jean WHITE-124468, Robert L. WHITE-124469.

Robert Taylor WHITE7581,126633 was born in 1900 in TX.50076 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Frankston, Anderson, TX.50076 He died in 1977 at the age of 77.

Spouse: Lottie Esther (Lottie) TEMPLE-34652. Lottie Esther (Lottie) TEMPLE and Robert Taylor WHITE were married on 3 October 1927 in Anderson Co., TX.7581,105730 Children were: Charlotte WHITE-87949, Jean Yvonne WHITE-89478.

Robert W. WHITE (private).

Spouse: Marjorie A. TEMPLE-177473.

Robert William WHITE (private). Parents: James (Jim) WHITE-27457 and Virgie Alice TEMPLE-27444.

Rochelle A. WHITE (private).83445

Spouse: Clifton J.G. TEMPLE-181098.

Rollin Burdick (Rollin) WHITE was born on 30 April 1905 in North Hebron, Washington, NY.22,93503 He died. Parents: George Webster WHITE-30893 and Grace Marilla (Grace) TEMPLE-18339.

Roy WHITE (private).

Spouse: Stacy SHARP-155465. Children were: Diana WHITE-155463.

Ruby WHITE was born on 5 January 1910 in MS.11885,122381,122384 She lived in Tallulah, Madison, LA in 1928.96999 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Franklin Parish, LA.122381 Ruby lived Route # 2 in Laurel, Jones, MS on 16 February 1942.122383 She died on 17 November 1981 at the age of 71 in Jones Co., MS.17365,122384 Buried in Sharon Cemetery, Laurel, MS. First name given as Ruby in 1930 and in on her grave marker, but appears as Ruth elsewhere.

Spouse: Austin L. TEMPLE(S)-33832. Ruby WHITE and Austin L. TEMPLE(S) were married on 3 January 1925 in Jones Co., MS.14711,122381,122384 Children were: Harold Lloyd (Pete) TEMPLE(S)-33844, Geneva TEMPLE(S)-33845, Lucille TEMPLE-33846, J.W. (Doc) TEMPLE-33847, Mona Faye TEMPLE-33848, Shirley TEMPLE-33849, Charles J. TEMPLE-33850, Donna Jo Ann TEMPLE-33851.

Ruby Dean WHITE70 was born in 1907. Parents: Ennis Recoe WHITE-15327 and Lou Lelia (Lula) LAMBERT-15331.

Ruford L. WHITE70 was born in 1852 in Clarke Co., AL. Parents: Griffin WHITE-15662 and Caroline LIDE-15702.

Ruth WHITE (private). Parents: Peter Franklin WHITE-58029 and Lillie M. KING-58304.

Ruth E. WHITE70 was born on 15 November 1893 in Coffeeville, Clarke, AL. Parents: James L. WHITE-15373 and Ida BRATTON-15419.

Sadie Bell WHITE70 was born about 1903. Parents: Charles W. WHITE-15312 and LeVicy HALL-15314.

Sallie M. WHITE123815 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: George TEMPLES-172042. Sallie M. WHITE and George TEMPLES were married before 1929. Children were: Joe TEMPLES-172041.

Samuel WHITE6795 died.

Spouse: Sarah -113438. Sarah and Samuel WHITE were married before 1809. Children were: Elizabeth M. (Betsy) WHITE-32201.

Samuel L. WHITE was born in 1916.88953

Spouse: Estelyne B. TEMPLE-53786. Estelyne B. TEMPLE and Samuel L. WHITE were married in 1965.88953 They88953 were divorced in July 1968 in Sacramento Co., CA.88953 They88953 were divorced in October 1968 in Sacramento Co., CA.88953 Estelyne and Samuel88953 were divorced in April 1969 in Sacramento Co., CA.88955 The reason for three divorce records is not clear.

Sarah WHITE (private).

Spouse: Ernest THURMON-162481. Children were: Ray THURMON-162480.

Sarah WHITE70 was born about 1795 in NC. Parents: Robert WHITE-15653 and UNKNOWN-15710.

Spouse: William CRAWFORD-14113.

Sarah WHITE70 was born in 1798 in TN. Parents: WHITE-58082 and Christianna -58081.

Spouse: David Richardson CAMPBELL-58069. Sarah WHITE and David Richardson CAMPBELL were married about 1817 in TN. Children were: Martha J. CAMPBELL-58422, Elizabeth CAMPBELL-58423.

Sarah WHITE70 was born about 1820. Parents: Joab WHITE-15652.

Sarah A. WHITE70 was born about 1872. Fell in the fire while the clothes were boiling. Died young. Parents: John WHITE Jr.-58292 and Sarah SETH-58341.

Sarah Ann WHITE70 was born in 1830 in Pike/Clarke Co., AR. She died in 1885 at the age of 55 in Pike Co., AR. Parents: Issac WHITE-58076 and Mary (Polly) DICKSON-58070.

Spouse: George Rusk MAUNEY-58584. Sarah Ann WHITE and George Rusk MAUNEY were married about 1851 in Pike Co., AR. Children were: Millard M. MAUNEY-58587, MAUNEY-58588, MAUNEY-58589.

Sarah Ann WHITE70 was born in 1850 in AR. She died in 1921 at the age of 71 in Murfreesboro, Pike, AR. Buried in Murfreesboro, Pike, AR. Parents: Absolom WHITE-57995 and Elizabeth A. HUGHLY-57996.

Spouse: Thomas J. STRAWN-58385. Children were: Mary B. STRAWN-58475, Sarah A. STRAWN-58476, Thomas A. STRAWN-58477.

Sarah Ann WHITE70 was born on 29 November 1867 in Pike Co., AR. She died about 1869 at the age of 2. Parents: Jasper Newton WHITE-58043 and Nancy Elizabeth RODGERS-58339.

Sarah E. WHITE70 was born in 1863 in LA. Parents: Wylie W. WHITE-15501 and Sarah G. BEALE-15504.

Sarah E. WHITE70 was born in January 1868 in AL. Spouse may have been one of the boys of C.M. Horton, based on proximity, timing, and lack of identified spouses for Frederick and Daniel. Parents: Rezin Pugh WHITE-15748 and Sarah E. GILMORE-14156.

Sarah Henrietta (Sallie) WHITE44291 died.

Spouse: Lemuel E. JENNINGS-83163. Sarah Henrietta (Sallie) WHITE and Lemuel E. JENNINGS were married. Children were: Minnie Mae JENNINGS-51646.

Sarah Lewelen WHITE (private).

Spouse: Lewis Daniel GREEN-75667. Children were: Nell Sue (Nellie) GREEN-51064.

Sarah N. WHITE70 was born in 1825. She died. Buried in Elam Cemetery, Clarke, AL. Parents: John D. WHITE-14034 and Anna LOFTIN-14035.

Spouse: Elijah PUGH Jr.-15505. Sarah N. WHITE and Elijah PUGH Jr. were married on 20 March 1846 in Clarke Co., AL.

Sophia WHITE (private).

Spouse: Alpheus BROOKS-23491. Children were: Sophia BROOKS-1660.

Sophie WHITE was born in 1902 in NC.108719 She died. Parents: Lemuel Ellsberry WHITE-100487 and Mary Sue TEMPLE-35124.

Stanley WHITE (private).

Spouse: Hazel Irene SAUNDERS-67279. Children were: Wayne C. WHITE-67281.

Stella C. WHITE63302,63303 died.

Spouse: Ernest L. REIMAN-97892. Stella C. WHITE and Ernest L. REIMAN were married before 1906. Children were: Willa Ernestine REIMAN-86520.

Stephen Mark WHITE (private).22 Parents: Jack M. WHITE-43474 and June M. GLEASON-43475.

Spouse: Donna Jean (Donna) TEMPLE-36991.

Stephen Timothy WHITE (private). Parents: Chris Wayne WHITE-58320 and Sandra Lynn LITTLE-58464.

Steven Alan WHITE (private).126634

Spouse: Carol Louise TEMPLE-120936.

Steven Earl WHITE (private).118343,126635 Parents: Loren WHITE-116274 and Hazel TABOR-116275.

Spouse: Tricia Danine TEMPLE-61928. Children were: Loren Keith WHITE-116276.

Stewart WHITE102242 died before 2020. Parents: Walter Francis WHITE-87820 and Minton Bertha TEMPLE-19492.

Sukie WHITE70 was born in 1815 in TN. Parents: John WHITE Sr.-58080 and Martha MITCHELL-58073.

Spouse: Ervin PRICE-58112. Sukie WHITE and Ervin PRICE were married about 1830 in TN.

Susan WHITE (private).

Spouse: Fred Nuclomb KINSMAN-98815. Children were: Robert Schofield (Bob) KINSMAN-88369.