Katherine O'LEARY22 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Thomas S. LEYLAND-38854. Katherine O'LEARY and Thomas S. LEYLAND were married before 1919. Children were: Donald Thomas LEYLAND-16757.

Mary Elizabeth O'LEARY49293 was born on 30 June 1890 in Leadville, Lake, CO.58021,58022,58023 Gave her age as 38 in 1930, and 26 in 1920. She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Cameron, Huerfano, CO.58021 She lived West 2nd Street in Walsenburg, Huerfano, CO in 1926.58024 Mary appeared in the census in April 1930 in St. Marys, Huerfano, CO.58022 She lived 316 West 9th Street in Leadville, Lake, CO in July 1941.58025 She died on 16 February 1961 at the age of 70 in Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO.58023,58026 Buried in Elk's Rest Cemetery, Colorado Springs, CO. Find-A-Grave includes an image of her headstone and says she was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Leadville, CO. Her parents were from Irish Free State (father) and MI (mother).

Spouse: Norman James (Norman) TEMPLE Sr.-6300. Mary Elizabeth O'LEARY and Norman James (Norman) TEMPLE Sr. were married on 30 April 1919 in Denver, Denver, CO.58027 Children were: Norman James (Norman) TEMPLE Jr.-41962, John Sheldon (Jack) TEMPLE-41963.

O'LOUGHLIN (private).

Spouse: Amme TEMPLE-169359.

Henry O'LOUGHLIN22 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Eva Victoria LE PAGE-26870. Eva Victoria LE PAGE and Henry O'LOUGHLIN were married in 1924.22,48859

Grace O'MALLEY (private).

Spouse: Charles D. SULLIVAN-49194. Children were: John Thomas SULLIVAN-48914.

Helen M. O'MALLEY (private).

Spouse: Walter BOYLE-73968. Children were: Helena Etta BOYLE-73966.

Mary A. O'MALLEY53570,53571 died.

Spouse: Thomas A. MC INTYRE-27847. Mary A. O'MALLEY and Thomas A. MC INTYRE were married before 1912. Children were: Mary F. MC INTYRE-4905.

Mildred J. O'MALLEY (private).

Spouse: Walter S. SCESNEY-43563. Children were: Peter SCESNEY-4812.

Winifred O'MALLEY (private).

Spouse: Thomas SWEENEY-37300. Children were: Cecelia S. (Celia) SWEENEY-37299.

Helen O'MARA lived in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI in 1895.58028

Spouse: Edward TEMPLE-179749. Helen O'MARA and Edward TEMPLE were married before 1894. Children were: Charles Edward TEMPLE-179751, Helen TEMPLE-142245.

Michael J. O'MARA20591 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Delina CHAMBERLAIN-70725. Delina CHAMBERLAIN and Michael J. O'MARA were married in December 1938 in Los Angeles Co., CA.20595 Their marriage was recorded on 27 Dec 1938.

O'MORROW (private).

Spouse: Mary POTTEIGER-47959.

Anna O'NAN146,58029 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John TEMPLE-130283. Anna O'NAN and John TEMPLE were married before 1943. Children were: John Wendell TEMPLE-130282, Kenneth J. TEMPLE-135933, Suzanne TEMPLE-181302.

Louisa O'NAN50481,50482 was born in 1898. She died in 1967 at the age of 69.

Spouse: Allie M. TUCKER-176784. Louisa O'NAN and Allie M. TUCKER were married before December 1918. Children were: Mary B. LOUDEN-130150.

Spouse: Mart LOUDEN-152978. Louisa O'NAN and Mart LOUDEN were married before December 1918. Children were: Mary B. LOUDEN-130150.

O'NEAL4606 died before 1920. He was born in IL.

Spouse: Maggie -96267. Maggie and O'NEAL were married. Children were: Grace Odessa (Grace) O'NEAL-96255.

Amanda O'NEAL70 was born in MS. She died in Grayson Co., TX.

Spouse: Hugh Lawson WHITE-58065. Amanda O'NEAL and Hugh Lawson WHITE were married in 1869.

Bartlett O'NEAL14608 died.

Spouse: Arminta BOLTON-108516. Arminta BOLTON and Bartlett O'NEAL were married before 1848. Children were: Jemima (Jane) O'NEAL-39157.

Ethel O'NEAL (private).

Spouse: TEMPLE-130592. Children were: Leon G. TEMPLE-130591.

Grace Odessa (Grace) O'NEAL146,58030 was born on 10 October 1894 in MO.4606 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in University Place, Lancaster, NE.4606 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in West Lincoln, Lancaster, NE.58031 Grace died on 16 February 1934 at the age of 39 in Lincoln, Lancaster, NE.58032,58033,58034 She died in a fire three weeks after her daughter Helen Louise Temple was born. Buried in Wyuka Cemetery, Lincoln, NE, Plot: Sec-24W Lot-142 Sp-4. Surname in CA death records for one of her children was O'Neil. Her cemetery marker makes her middle name Odette while other records make it Odessa. Her parents were both from MO. Parents: O'NEAL-96266 and Maggie -96267.

Spouse: Lewis TEMPLE-96253. Grace Odessa (Grace) O'NEAL and Lewis TEMPLE were married on 25 August 1919 in Lincoln, Lancaster, NE.22 Children were: Lewis Eugene (Gene) TEMPLE-96254, Bernard Elmer (Bernard) TEMPLE-96256, William Perry (Bill) TEMPLE-96257, Betty Darlene TEMPLE-96270, Jack TEMPLE-96269, Helen Louise TEMPLE-96268.

Harriet O'NEAL17021 was born in 1835 in Johnston Co., NC.58035,58036,58037 In June 1860 she was a housekeeper in Nash Co., NC.58036 Enumerated in the household of Eli and Cornelia Strickland, of no known relationship. In 1880 she was a milliner in Ferrell's Twp., Nash, NC.58037 Harriet died in April 1880 at the age of 45 in Ferrell's Twp., Nash, NC.58037 Died of consumption. She has reference number RLT # W99i.58038 Her parents were both from NC. Surname given as TEMPLES in the mortality schedule of 1880.

Spouse: Alpheus A. TEMPLE-16981. Harriet O'NEAL and Alpheus A. TEMPLE were married on 20 July 1850 in Nash Co., NC.20054,58039 Children were: Stephen Jesse TEMPLE-17073, George Washington (George) TEMPLE(S)-17072, Emma A. TEMPLE-33576.

Helen O'NEAL (private).58040

Spouse: TEMPLE-131619.

James Atlas O'NEAL58041 was born in 1832.38654 He served in the military between 1861 and 1865.38654 Served in the Civil War. He died on 12 December 1886 at the age of 54 in Bradley Co., AR.38654

Spouse: Mary Jane TEMPLE-26773. Mary Jane TEMPLE and James Atlas O'NEAL were married between 1857 and 1900. Children were: Zarilda Eugenia O'NEAL-80067.

James Nelson O'NEAL (private).

Spouse: Rosa Lee -155672. Children were: Sandra O'NEAL-155670.

Jemima (Jane) O'NEAL3014,58042 was born in 1848 in IA.14608,51646,58043 She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Rock Creek, Bartholomew, IN.58043 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Rock Creek, Bartholomew, IN.51646 Jemima died on 12 March 1881 at the age of 33 in Bartholomew Co., IN.14608 She died of dropsy. Buried in Donaldson Cemetery, Elizabethtown, IN. Her parents were from VT (father) and NC (mother). Parents: Bartlett O'NEAL-108515 and Arminta BOLTON-108516.

Spouse: Benjamin F. (Ben) TEMPLE-39136. Jemima (Jane) O'NEAL and Benjamin F. (Ben) TEMPLE were married on 14 March 1867 in Bartholomew Co., IN.14608 Children were: Marietta TEMPLE-39153, Ella TEMPLE-39154, Louie TEMPLE-39155, Alonzo F. TEMPLE-97798, John TEMPLE-39156.

Perry G. O'NEAL was born in 1926 in TX.8887,58044 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Houston, Harris, TX.58044

Spouse: Myrtle A. TEMPLE-126064. Myrtle A. TEMPLE and Perry G. O'NEAL were married on 20 June 1970 in Harris Co., TX.8887

Sandra O'NEAL (private). Parents: James Nelson O'NEAL-155671 and Rosa Lee -155672.

Spouse: Terry TEMPLE-155669.

Thomas O'NEAL (private).

Spouse: Diana TEMPLE-19789.

Tracy Margaret O'NEAL (private). Parents: Tracy Wellborn O'NEAL-69803 and Margaret Louise ROGERS-69804.

Spouse: John TEMPLE-65020.

Tracy Wellborn O'NEAL (private).

Spouse: Margaret Louise ROGERS-69804. Children were: Tracy Margaret O'NEAL-69802.

Venell O'NEAL was born in 1928.58045

Spouse: Lonnie Charles TEMPLE-126710. Venell O'NEAL and Lonnie Charles TEMPLE were married in October 1948 in Lauderdale Co., TN.58045 License issued on 4 Oct 1948, but there was no minister's return. Children were: Mary Lynn TEMPLE-126713.

Venell O'NEAL was born in 1928.58045

Spouse: Lonnie Charles TEMPLE-126710. Children were: Mary Lynn TEMPLE-126713.

Zarilda Eugenia O'NEAL (private). Parents: James Atlas O'NEAL-26774 and Mary Jane TEMPLE-26773.

O'NEIL died before 1922.40526

Spouse: Rose O. KELLY-108726. Rose O. KELLY and O'NEIL were married before 1922.

Edward O'NEIL27243,58046 was born in 1903 in Sodus, Wayne, NY.53775 He lived in German, Chenango, NY in 1920.53775 He died. Surname also appears as O'Neal. Parents: John O'NEIL-108812 and Marie MC LAUREN-108813.

Spouse: Marjorie Elizabeth (Margie) TEMPLE-73215. Marjorie Elizabeth (Margie) TEMPLE and Edward O'NEIL were married on 12 September 1920.53775 Children were: Marie Louise O'NEIL-100575, Robert O'NEIL-100756.

James O'NEIL (private).

Spouse: Judy Ann TEMPLE-164773.

John O'NEIL53775 died.

Spouse: Marie MC LAUREN-108813. Marie MC LAUREN and John O'NEIL were married before 1902. Children were: Edward O'NEIL-83014.

Madelene O'NEIL (private).

Spouse: Theodore PARKS-89438. Children were: Theodore PARKS-80227.

Marie Louise O'NEIL was born in 1922 in Willet, Cortland, NY.58046 Parents: Edward O'NEIL-83014 and Marjorie Elizabeth (Margie) TEMPLE-73215.

Robert O'NEIL was born in 1929 in German, Chenango, NY.58047 Parents: Edward O'NEIL-83014 and Marjorie Elizabeth (Margie) TEMPLE-73215.

O'NEILL (private).

Spouse: Barbara TEMPLE-64816.

Adeline O'NEILL58048 was born on 20 March 1907 in MA.22,58049,58050 Gave her age as 29 in 1940. She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.58050 She died on 7 January 1978 at the age of 70 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.22,58049,58051 Buried in Cambridge Cemetery, Cambridge, MA.

Temple may not be her maiden name. Parents: Charles O'NEILL-139170 and Catherine KANE-139171.

Spouse: John Francis TEMPLE-129074. Adeline O'NEILL and John Francis TEMPLE were married in 1937 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.58052 Children were: Joan TEMPLE-129076, Gail Louise TEMPLE-129077.

Annie J. O'NEILL (private). Parents: Joseph A. O'NEILL-17752 and Anna Belle TEMPLE-2027.

Catherine Louise O'NEILL (private).

Spouse: Foy Dean (Foy) TEMPLE(S)-45397.

Catherine M. O'NEILL was born on 5 April 1883 in CT.58053,58054,58055 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Waterbury, New Haven, CT.58053 She lived 128 Washington Street in Waterbury, New Haven, CT in 1914.58056 Catherine lived 22 Walnut Street in Waterbury, New Haven, CT in 1918.58057 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Waterbury, New Haven, NJ.58054 She died on 19 September 1923 at the age of 40 in Waterbury, New Haven, CT.58055 Something bad happened on their death date, as both Thomas and Catherine died the same day. Buried in Saint Joseph Cemetery (New), Waterbury, CT. Her parents were both from Ireland. By 1910, she had had no children. She appears in the census as Katherine, but her husband gave her as Catherine.

Spouse: Thomas Patrick TEMPLE-48951. Catherine M. O'NEILL and Thomas Patrick TEMPLE were married on 2 October 1907 in Waterbury, New Haven, CT.58053,58058

Charles O'NEILL (private).

Spouse: Catherine KANE-139171. Children were: Adeline O'NEILL-129075.

Ellen O'NEILL was born in Ireland.20750

Spouse: John CHANDLER-114699. Ellen O'NEILL and John CHANDLER were married before 1874. Children were: Helen Francis (Nellie) CHANDLER-53591.

Harry O'NEILL53060 died after October 1933.

Spouse: Bridget TEMPLE-173035. Bridget TEMPLE and Harry O'NEILL were married before 1933.

Henry O'NEILL (private). Parents: Joseph A. O'NEILL-17752 and Anna Belle TEMPLE-2027.

John M. O'NEILL25300,58059 was born in 1909. He died in 1969 at the age of 60.

Spouse: Mary Hazel (Mary) TEMPLE-60967. Mary Hazel (Mary) TEMPLE and John M. O'NEILL were married on 24 November 1932 in Clifton, Washington, KS.25300,25304 Children were: Mary Jane O'NEILL-82654, Patsy O'NEILL-82655, Kathy O'NEILL-82656, Tim O'NEILL-82657.

Joseph A. O'NEILL11956 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Anna Belle TEMPLE-2027. Anna Belle TEMPLE and Joseph A. O'NEILL were married on 23 December 1883.11956,58060 Children were: Marguerite T. O'NEILL-68026, Annie J. O'NEILL-68027, Henry O'NEILL-68028.