Conrad TEMPEL was born in Germany.33758

Spouse: UNKNOWN-164543. UNKNOWN and Conrad TEMPEL were married before 1833. Children were: Elizabeth TEMPLE-164541.

Conrad TEMPEL was born on 15 September 1830 in Darmstadt, Germany.58983,58984,58985,64487 Grave marker is hard to read and has been interpretted as saying the year was 1838. He immigrated before 1858. He was naturalized on 23 August 1858 in Butte Co., CA.64488 In 1870 Conrad was a hardware dealer in Petaluma, Sonoma, CA.64487 He lived in Petaluma, Sonoma, CA in 1890.64488 He declarer of a homestead on 1 April 1895 in Sonoma Co., CA.64489 In June 1900 Conrad was a hardware man in Petaluma, Sonoma, CA.58984 In 1906 he was a merchant in Petaluma, Sonoma, CA.64490 He died on 14 January 1907 at the age of 76 in Petaluma, Sonoma, CA.58983 Buried in Petaluma Cypress Hill Memorial Park, Petaluma, CA. Possibly related to Adam Temple, b 1835 in Darmstadt. Also might be a son of John C and Joanna Temple. Given with germanic spelling in 1906 voter registrations and his grave marker, but with englis spelling at other times.

Spouse: Sophia SCHLUKEBIER-130884. Sophia SCHLUKEBIER and Conrad TEMPEL were married in 1880.58984 Children were: John George Valentine (Valentine) TEMPEL-145315, Farley G. TEMPEL-130886, Anne TEMPLE-136852.

Craig Steven TEMPEL (private).8821,64491 Parents: Gerald John TEMPEL-82553 and Mildred (Milly) ADOLPH-82554.

Spouse: Deanna GEORGE-96407.

Crystal TEMPEL (private). Parents: David TEMPEL-82583 and Carol -82584.

Cunigunda TEMPEL8981 was born on 15 January 1813 in Reichenbach, Oberfranken, Bavaria, Germany.
Birth record from church records in Bamberg archive Parents: Johannes (John) TEMPEL-51297 and Elizabeth Margaretha SPINDLER-51302.

Curran Evan TEMPEL (private).64492

Curtis (Curt) TEMPEL (private).3720 Parents: Louis Henry (Lou) TEMPEL Jr.-53672 and Marian Lynette (Marian) SCHAEFER-73098.

Spouse: Julie -116072.

Curtis A. TEMPEL (private).

Spouse: Eileen E. O'HARE-170075.

Curtis Alan (Curtis) TEMPEL (private).1779 Parents: Kurt Gus TEMPEL-115182 and Shirley Jean THEEKE-115193.

Spouse: Judith Kay KIRK-115199.

Spouse: Eileen -115205.

Curtis Brian TEMPEL (private).20147 Parents: Loren Lee TEMPEL-71486 and Guyla COFFEY-71499.

Spouse: Jodie Lynn STEVENSON-71488. Children were: Amber Jordan TEMPEL-71489, Zane Logan TEMPEL-71490.

Spouse: Catherine R. (Cathy) GISI-71500. Children were: Erin TEMPEL-71503, Leighton TEMPEL-87034.

Curtis Glen TEMPEL (private).3139 Parents: Benard Charles (Ben) TEMPEL-71184 and Shirley Arlene THOMPSON-112836.

Spouse: Nancy Ann SMITH-113055.

Cynthia Ann TEMPEL (private).6376

Spouse: Geoffrey Lee SNELL-141630. Children were: Matthew Lee SNELL-141631, Samantha Joyce SNELL-141632.

Cynthia Jane TEMPEL (private).28053 Parents: Roman TEMPEL-71936 and Elizabeth Jean (Betty) PUND-98173.

Spouse: Terry Lee FAULKENBERG-98177.

Cynthia R.T. TEMPEL (private).63466 Parents: Donald E. (Don) TEMPEL-80391 and Neva Mae SUESS-80392.

Spouse: Mike KLEBE-80398.

Dan TEMPEL (private).64493 Parents: Gervase Ludwig TEMPEL-71955 and Irene Vera -106590.

Dan TEMPEL (private).2819 Parents: George Anton TEMPEL-142021 and Leona ALTROGGE-142022.

Spouse: Maureen -142028.

Daniel TEMPEL (private). Parents: Hubert Joseph TEMPEL-72831 and Elaine I. JURGENS-85031.

Daniel (Dan) TEMPEL (private).29019,29020,64494 Parents: William H. (Bill) TEMPEL-71603 and Virginia (Jean) FOOTE-78673.

Spouse: Elinor GREGORY-78670.

Daniel Frederick TEMPEL (private).64495 Parents: Norman Frederick TEMPEL-44558 and Dianne Joyce RUDOLL-71281.

Spouse: Jacqueline Mary OPATZ-71292. Children were: Patrick Scott TEMPEL-71293.

Daniel G. TEMPEL (private).46667

Spouse: Jacqualine (Jackie) MAYES-164448. Children were: Shannon N. TEMPEL-164520.

Daniel Joseph TEMPEL (private).64496 Parents: Joseph William TEMPEL-71303 and Kay Louise DURKEE-71308.

Daniel Lee (Dan) TEMPEL (private).64270 Parents: Robert P. TEMPEL-71152 and Marlene HARTING-91923.

Spouse: Danielle Kay REHLING-106603.

Spouse: Deborah Ann (Deb) PELAK-93549.

Daniel R. TEMPEL (private).7291

Spouse: Victoria L. HAYDEN-141803.

Spouse: Gloria J. HERNANDEZ-141804.

Daniel Ray TEMPEL43145 died on 20 February 1973 at the age of 0 in Huntingburg, Dubois, IN.64312,64497 Death certificate was illegible due to poor handwriting for cause of death. Buried in St. Joseph Cemetery, Dale, IN. He was born on 20 February 1973 in Huntingburg, Dubois, IN.64312,64497 Parents: William Leander (Lee) TEMPEL Jr.-72860 and Edna Sophia LANGE-77611.

Daniel Theodore (Dano) TEMPEL17189 was born on 23 November 1964 in Chester, Liberty, MT.64498,64499 He lived in MT between 1976 and 1979.64500 He lived in Havre, Hill, MT in 1988.47052 Daniel died on 3 December 1991 at the age of 27 in MT.64500,64501 Buried in Joplin Cemetery, Joplin, MT. Parents: Theodore Burton (Ted) TEMPEL-71020 and Elvina M. CADY-71189.

Danielle K. TEMPEL (private).

Spouse: Donald Scott LARSEN-141707.

Darien M. TEMPEL21712 was born in 1968.64502 He died in 1988 at the age of 20.64502 Buried in Oakland Cemetery, Freeport, IL, Plot: Cedar Hill Section. Parents: Daryl Keith TEMPEL Sr.-142007 and Lorraine Alice COX-141421.

Darlene Ann TEMPEL (private).58021 Parents: David Leon TEMPEL-71211 and Judy Ann RUNYAN-79955.

Spouse: David John CASSELL-106617.

Darlene Dawn TEMPEL (private).53990 Parents: Haines Andrew TEMPEL-86418 and Jean Winifred -113482.

Spouse: Eugene Clayton MC PEAKE Jr.-100947.

Spouse: David James PHILLIPS-100877.

Darlene Sophia TEMPEL64503 was born on 13 October 1945 in Ferdinand, Dubois, IN.28716,64503 She died on 6 November 1945 at the age of 0 in Ferdinand, Dubois, IN.28716,64503 Died of an acute myocardial failure. Buried in Saint Ferdinand Catholic Cemetery, Ferdinand, IN. Unmarried. Parents: Joseph Henry TEMPEL-71933 and Irene Marie MEHLING-72072.

Daryl Keith TEMPEL Sr. (private).

Spouse: Lorraine Alice COX-141421. Children were: Daryl Keith TEMPEL Jr.-141431, Duane TEMPEL-132126, Doug TEMPEL-142008, Del T. TEMPEL-142009, Derek TEMPEL-142010, Darien M. TEMPEL-142011.

Daryl Keith TEMPEL Jr. was born on 21 April 1961 in Freeport, Stephenson, IL.64504 He lived in IL in 1974.64505 He died on 11 September 2003 at the age of 42 in Tampa, Hillsborough, FL.21712,64505 Daryl held the title of Jr.. Parents: Daryl Keith TEMPEL Sr.-142007 and Lorraine Alice COX-141421.

Dave TEMPEL was born in Russia.64506

Spouse: UNKNOWN-154167. Children were: Henry TEMPEL-142096.

David TEMPEL9386 was born in Bavaria, Germany.9387

Spouse: Elizabeth AUL-79405. Elizabeth AUL and David TEMPEL were married before 1840. Children were: David TEMPLE-79380, Margaretha (Tillie) TEMPLE-79384.

David TEMPEL (private).32774 Parents: Maurice Frederick TEMPEL-71408 and Virginia E. GRIFFITH-71417.

Spouse: Carol -82584. Children were: Crystal TEMPEL-82585.

David TEMPEL (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth BETRAM-161331. Children were: Henry TEMPLE-161332.

David TEMPEL was born in August 1864 in Germany.728,729 He immigrated in 1882.728,729 Gave 1889 in 1900. In June 1900 he was a porter in Manhattan, New York, NY.729 In June 1905 David was a gas company employee in Manhattan, New York, NY.730 In April 1910 he was an American Carbonate Company laborer in Manhattan, New York, NY.728 Parents: Phillip TEMPEL-141189 and UNKNOWN-141190.

Spouse: Barbara -141088. Barbara and David TEMPEL were married in 1889.728,729 Children were: John TEMPEL-141191.

David TEMPEL Sr. was born in 1885 in Prussia.34955,51407,51408 Gave Russia in 1940. Cemetery records give Dec 1886. He immigrated in 1906.51407 In April 1930 he was a steam railroad blacksmith in Cheyenne, Laramie, WY.51407 In April 1940 David was a steam railroad carman in Cheyenne, Laramie, WY.51408 He died on 8 May 1942 at the age of 57 in Cheyenne, Laramie, WY.34955,64507 Buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Cheyenne, WY. He held the title of Sr.. Given with english spelling in 1940.

Spouse: Eugenia NUSS-140891. Eugenia NUSS and David TEMPEL Sr. were married in 1918.51407 Children were: David TEMPEL Jr.-140892.

David TEMPEL Jr.26121 was born on 10 March 1918 in Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff, NE.51405,51407,51408,51409 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Cheyenne, Laramie, WY.51407 In April 1940 he was a steam railroad shop laborer in Cheyenne, Laramie, WY.51408 In October 1940 David was an employee of the Union Pacific Railroad in the Cheyenne Round House in Cheyenne, Laramie, WY.51409 Before 1951 he was a railroad employee.64508 He died on 10 July 2001 at the age of 83.64508,64509 Buried in Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park, Salt Lake City, UT. David held the title of Jr.. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE:AKA]51408 He holder of Railroad Pension # 712055007.4745 Given with english spelling in 1940. Parents: David TEMPEL Sr.-136962 and Eugenia NUSS-140891.

Spouse: Virginia Lea DUSCH-143201. Virginia Lea DUSCH and David TEMPEL Jr. were married on 15 June 1941 in Cheyenne, Laramie, WY.26121

David TEMPEL (private).7291

Spouse: Olivia M. MENDOZA-141821.

David Kenneth (Butch) TEMPEL was born on 1 April 1948 in MT.33190,33191,64510 He lived in Joplin, Liberty, MT in 1971.33190 He lived in Joplin, Liberty, MT in 2000.29670 David lived in Joplin, Liberty, MT in 2003.33189 He lived in Joplin, Liberty, MT in 2010.33236 He died on 29 November 2017 at the age of 69 in Joplin, Liberty, MT.33191 Parents: John Fred TEMPEL-71018 and Frances Leone (Leone) FREELAND-71187.

Spouse: Lonna Kay (Lonna) LYBECK-75048. Lonna Kay (Lonna) LYBECK and David Kenneth (Butch) TEMPEL were married on 18 December 1971 in Joplin, Liberty, MT.33190 Children were: Jennie TEMPEL-110601, Jada TEMPEL-110602, Jalena TEMPEL-110603, Jeb TEMPEL-110604.

David Leon TEMPEL was born on 23 August 1941 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.58021 He lived 1707 Tecumseh Street in Fort Wayne, Allen, IN in 1963.64511 In 1963 he was a gas station attendant.64511 In 1984 David was an employee of Phelps Dodge.64512 He lived 4924 Hessen Cassel Road in Fort Wayne, Allen, IN in 1984.64512 He moved in 2001 in Bonita Springs, Lee, FL.58021 David lived in Bonita Springs, Lee, FL in 2004.56406 He died on 26 July 2011 at the age of 69 in Fort Myers, Lee, FL.64513 Buried in Our Lady of Light Catholic Church Memorial Gardens, Fort Myers, FL. He served in the military.58021 Served in the Navy. Parents: Linus Albert (Linus) TEMPEL-57019 and Gertrude Marie WATSON-71209.

Spouse: Judy Ann RUNYAN-79955. Children were: Richard Lee TEMPEL-79956, Darlene Ann TEMPEL-79957, Marlene Kay TEMPEL-79959, Brenda M. TEMPEL-79958.

David Michael TEMPEL (private).601

Spouse: Carol Ann RHODES-141596.

David Scott TEMPEL (private).64514

David Theodore TEMPEL Jr. (private). Parents: David Theodore TEMPEL Sr.-72734 and Karen Elizabeth YOUNG-72737.

David Theodore TEMPEL Sr. was born on 27 October 1936 in Washington, Lafayette, MO.46571,64240,64515,64516 He claimed Higginsville, MO, in his SSAN application. He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Washington, Lafayette, MO.46571 He lived in Higginsville, Lafayette, MO in 1955.64240 David died on 22 May 2003 at the age of 66 in Summerville, Dorchester, SC.64515,64517 Buried in Dorchester Memory Gardens, Summerville, SC. Parents: Albert Ernest TEMPEL-44546 and Emma Anna MAUN-44561.

Spouse: Karen Elizabeth YOUNG-72737. Children were: David Theodore TEMPEL Jr.-84510.

David William (Dave) TEMPEL (private). Parents: Joseph Michael (Joe) TEMPEL-48253 and Margaret Ann PFEFFER-71905.

Spouse: Vicki Lynn JOHNSON-95305.

Dawn Renee' TEMPEL (private).41046 Parents: Jerome Wayne TEMPEL-164500 and Linda Louise ZIEGELGRUBER-164501.

Spouse: Michael John KELLEY-157422.

Debi TEMPEL (private).40317 Parents: Dr. Paul Frederick TEMPEL-51828 and Iola Marie (Iola) JONES-78383.

Spouse: Dennis MEISSNER-78391.

Deborah TEMPEL (private).64518 Parents: Richard Joseph TEMPEL-48239 and Ethel Elaine (Elaine) GAITHER-72802.

Spouse: Russel WRIGHT-72808.